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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

RAIN came Jan 27th 2007

let's say it was a spectacular performance all round.

the show started off 45 mins late thanks to the ever 'so punctual' attitude of the msians
hey! i was there in the queue from 4pm ok? period.

he..Rain...wait .........how shall i call him huh? hmm....
well...ok...frankly speaking im not really a RAIN fan fan but i do enjoy his performance n his acting n i think he's one of those very hardworking artiste n i salute him for that. its not easy to go on a world tour so i think he desrves an extra pat on the back.

ok back to how i shall call him.....ok la...just Rain la...
wanted to call him by his name Jung JiHoon but don wanna mix up with my banchan hehe ^^

it was clearly a great show to be right from the beginnning
the stage the special effects the 'rain' the fireworks...evthing!
it was just super. i guess its the first time msian audience ever get to see something like that
so for those who actually got the chance to attend but din come...REGRET will be the word.
belle..sorry u had to go for the last minute meeting~

to me i don think Rain's a singer singer...should there be any Rain fan out there reading tis don kill me its just my holy opinion n its my blog...BUT he's one super performer. his stage command is so great that i chose not to watch from the big screen but to focus on the real him moving about the stage. i was on free standing at stage level just beside the console area. so he was only about half a feet tall from my view :p

ahh..he did went off key several times tho. n i think he's better off doing the slow numbers which i like very much ^^ his dance moves..huiyo~ number one! his butt shaking...well i think the temparature of those in the pit zone must hv risen evtime he does that hahaha..

oh he spoke in english. and...if u ask me...i will say he still need a lot of verbal practice. but it was really good of him to talk to the audience 'directly'.

so..all in all.. thumbs up!

p/s : just gotta add...its money well spent for both JYP and Rain going on tis world tour n having ppl like jamie king n roy bennett..its no wonder why u need to pay so much to watch.

pp/s : oh..and i gotta add again :p...know what i was doing before n after the concert?
looking out for cute n good looking guys hehehehe. spotted one who look a wee bit like lee junki from far. saw him again when i was leaving n found out that he's actually a host for one of the local kpop program. then there's tis JYP guy..dunno who he is tho but he was moving around the whole nite n walking in front of us so so many times. n yes i think he's sooooo smart looking. and then there was also tis particular korean guy..he din hv any tag on him so i think he may be one of those StarM big shots cos he's sooooooooooooooo really good looking. n sooooo 'yau yeng' too. he was in striped grey suit. slim black rimmed glasses AND a single diamond stud on his left ear. huiyo!~ when the lights came back on after the end i pretended to shoot a pic in his direction as he was walking towards me. but when he saw me he moved slightly to his side facing away from me. aiya...he din look irritated cos he was having a slight smile on his face so mayb he tot he was blocking me or something la..cheh~


mrs a said...

wow - sounds like it was a good time and a fantastic concert. I love to watch him dance - he has some moves! And he can work a crowd that is sure! I agree I don't think he is that good of a singer and his English doesn't seem to be as good as Se7en. But I agree to he is a super performer! Glad you got to go. I wanted to go when he came to Vegas but that is alittle far and too expensive! OHHHHH :( We hope to see him sometime! Someone said his English album is coming out in April, I will surely buy!

yokee said...

hi mrs a..

be sure to book ur tix when he do drop by ur area. so many ppl here r now shouting regret n some were teased with the word "WAASSSSTTTTEEEDDDD!!!" hahahahahahaha

yokee said...

someone 'complained' that i wrote too little but hor...tis not supposed to be a report..just babble ma :p

mrs a said...

Well if he comes to the midwest I will go for sure. I love his dancing - he has made it a true art! If they wanted a report they should of tried the newspaper - tell them to get a life... :)

bb said...

it IS too short what.... :p

heard that se7en started training to be entertainer since he was 15. other than singing, dancing and stuff, he also learnt english and japanese so as to break into these markets... :)

yokee said...

dear dear..why suddenly se7en pulak? haha must be goong-ing leh...

well in terms of singing..i think se7en may hv a slight advantage but dancing n performance wise...RAIN wins hands down man ^^

bb said...

ya, me goong-ing... :p