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Friday, January 05, 2007

Quilt of my heart~

i really wanted to tell about something
but ive been sitting here for more than 35 mins n still cant figure out how i should start about it
or rather should i even talk about it...
and if decide to go ahead how should i start?

i really absolutely have not the slightest idea.
but by the end of this posting it took me slightly less than a hundred mins to finish off~

u know when some ppl say 'goodbye' instead of 'farewell'?
some prefer not to send off at the airport...

i remembered my first departure from seoul 3 years ago..
i reminded the unnis not to call me to say 'goodbye' the morning im to leave seoul bcos i know very well i will tear. n true to my own emotions i cried cos an unni called.
i was still ok when i say my thanks n goodbyes to the unnis that sent me off at the airport but when i finally settle down in my seat on the plane...tears started to well n down they rained.

regrets there may be cos i was thinking why din i stay on for just another day?
but then again...there's always the next time...
there may be some hiccups as we travel but somehow one way or the other u just give and forget and will always wanna come back bcos u just cant seem to get enough of the fun u had.
as for me i'll always hv something i still wanna do in seoul other than BYJ-related matters itself
but of cos if its not for BYJ in the first place i wouldnt hv travelled the same air route 3 times :p

its always sad when we had to say goodbye...
but for some matters its an end to something good and a new beginning to something even better
that brings us to phrases like 'the good old times', 'the way we were' and 'those were the days'
from time to time we will reminisce the good old memories of laughter and happiness
like those old melodies that still sound so good..somehow it gives us a chance to cherish those yesterdays

home is where the heart is
every stitch every patch
is put together with much love and care
quilt will always be in my heart

cant say if any of u will ustand what im trying to say here but if u do i hope u too will cherish the good times we had all thru the years.

my deepest gratitude to the unnis who started the patchwork. THANK YOU !

ps : pls ustand that there wont be any 'official' announcement with regards to tis matter. we have all decided to start cherishing but will still keep on patching from the comfort of our own home and we hope the same goes to all of u too.


bb said...

so... it has finally happened for real this time?

sad... sad that i can't even say a proper goodbye.

and yea, thanks to the special ones who started the patchwork of love, a very special thanks to joanne who's done so much for so long, and also to everyone who's helped patched the quilt with so much love.

tomato99 said...

thanks for posting.

i am so sad!!!
cannot stop my tears... i kind of had a feeling that this was going to happen...it is for real???

i want to send my big thank you to everyone whom i was able to get to meet,,,, oh it was such a home sweet home for me...


ps: what am i going to do without a home...sob, sob >^x^<

mrs a said...

Dear Yokee,

I can't think of anyone writing it better than how you wrote it. From the heart.
It is a sad day. And I've got tears and I am just a newbie compared to the rest of you all. Thank you for telling us in such a wonderful loving way.

And thanks to everyone who was involved in making QUILT so special in our hearts. It will never be forgotten.

yokee said...

im really sorry that i cant tell it in any better way than tis...

when we first had problem with the server sometime ago i was already tearing when unni told me about the possibility. but she too couldnt let it go at that time n decided to carry on for at least another year.

then we encountered more downtime due to the increasing traffic. i did ask unni for an 'official' goodbye cos i know many will wanna say thanks n byes but she said it'll be better to just let it go....

i was really sad then but now i realised n ustood why she decided so. somehow i myself who hv been with quilt for as long as it has been around felt a lot better now this way.
like i said i hate farewell. so maybe tis is also the same case with unni.

as u know that she always prefer to keep it low i too will just keep the 'closure notice' here. i think it'll be very sad if tis is brought to kob so lets just keep ur farewell here.

sorry that we cant live out till the april cos thats when our contract actually ends...

and me..i shall apologise for all that ive done wrong and thank u for all the joy during my lifetime at quilt.

once again on behalf of the dear sisters...


Judy said...

Hi Yokee! This is me Judy fr. the Philippines. So it's final? I am very shocked & do not know what to say. Quilt has been my home too for the past 2 yrs. & now it's finally gone. Didn't even had the chance to thank Joanne, Hyeon, Won, you & everyone like bb, etc. for all their contributions, trans., artworks, links, infos, funny posts & a whole lot more.

If you can plesae thank Joanne, Hyeon, Won & all the staffs & admin. please thank them for me & on behalf of all Phil. Baesisters. You all gave us 2 years of knowing everyone & being welcomed no matter what race we belong to & giving us the most wonderful & warm home to come home to each day.

Wish we can all still be ascloseasthis no matter whatever life will be FOREVER!

coco said...

Thanks yokee, for all that you said. And thanks bb, for letting us see this message here.

The closing of Quilt hit me from out of the blue, I ahd no idea at all it was coming. So the shock and surprise I feel are enormous...

But, even more than those feelings, I feel so very, deeply grateful to have been part of Quilt for the years I was there. I loved every moment of it, even when it was not so pleasant, haha! I am so grateful to J, H, and W for starting it and keeping it going for so long. I am so grateful for all the wonderful friendships that have come to me because of Quilt. I am so grateful to have had that cozy place to call home, to laugh and drool and sigh and be amazed by our cherished Yong Joon -- and to be able to do all of that in English, haha!!

So, as sad as I feel tonight, I am also feeling something bittersweet. I will never forget Quilt or any of you who I met there. I wish Joanne and the others all the best, and I do thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving us something so unique and beautiful, just like our Prince.

Farewell, Quilt!

bb said...

errr... too late, someone's already brought it to kob.

know what? hehe, i'm suddenly thinking of jaeho. remember the way it ended? we didn't actually see him pass on, he just slept. so sometimes i just imagine he's just sleeping, not really really gone. maybe not saying a real goodbye has that effect? and likewise with quilt, maybe this way... i'll just think it's just down, not really out :)

yea, yea, i know, i know... escapism at work again. but it's an easier way to accept that quilt's not there anymore.

liezle said...

hi yokee!

i've been feeling sad since reading about quilt in bb's blog. it really pains me knowing that i won't be able to visit the site again. in the past few days even when quilt was still up, though i know already that the site had been so slow with updates, i still would go and check on it. like everyone, to me quilt is home too.

i was talking to mariko a while ago over the phone (she's in the philippines) and told her about quilt. she feels sad too about news. she can't go online much because their computer at home uses dial-up to connect.

anyway, yokee thank you too for your hardwork as one of the admins of quilt.

it's really hard to accept quilt's closure. it's been part of my life for more than 3 years. at the back of my mind i'm still hoping. but i know i've to stop thinking this way and accept the truth.

again thanks to everyone who was part of quilt. as mrs a wrote, it will never be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Too Sad...T_T it has been my home for years, I've just been busy to check it out these days, but it's still my "home page" to greet me everytime I am online. We've been thru sweet, sour, bitter together...I really wish we still can get together.

Love you all,

mishio said...

Hi yokee,
it's mishio.......haven't commented here before, but couldn't help myself today. This is tough, tough news to swallow, but I so appreciate that you took the time to share it here with us. Most of us were trembling with wild guesses....it was quite unsettling. Even though our fears were confirmed, it was good to get confirmation from you, at least for closure.
Yes.......it's hard to say "farewell," but a long, teary, drawn-out "goodbye" would have been so much harder.

If you've got the chance, like everyone else, please thank Joanne, Hyeon, Won and the whole team for me. It's been a sweet, long ride......

Take care, and thanks again for informing us in your gentle way....
Hope you feel better soon....

moon said...

i wanted to go to RAIN's concert too but where can i get the tix and whats the homepage for Absolute Entertainment? plz plz plz... thanks =)

yokee said...

to all quilt sisters who drop by here..
thank u to all of u too...
without u quilt will never be quilt
thank u~

yokee said...

hi moon..

absolute website :

jaime said...

sorry yokee for the late comment.
thank you for informing us about Quilt. Even though I'm still not sure what the real reason for the closure, I respect the administration's decision. It's very gracious for them to re-open the site again for us to savour it for the last little while.

my heartfelt thanks again to you and Joanne, Hyeon, won and staffs.
Happy New Year!

HeippieH said...

Hi Yokee, My heart sinked when I first read this sad news from bb's blog. I was wishfully thinking it was not real real. But it looks like we are seriously loosing it. I still can not believe this will happen. Quilt is not just another site, it is the most important portal for international fans, especially English speaking fans. What is going to happen to all the postings there? Are they archived and stored somewhere that people can still get access to? I am soo sorry to see those treasures be forgotten and lost. Is there something can be done to save them?