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Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 & me

wah..it really hv been sometime since i last blogged...
i figured n hv proved myself to be, one...a very lazy person, two...a person that don write as well and fast as my brain n mouth work (haha as tho they work very well :p) and three...my reading instinct outweighs the hand that writes.

hahaha...oh dear what hv i just said???
see...told u i don write well...my brain n hand don work hand in hand :p

anyway...for those who still drop by my bloggy here once in a blue blue moon...

happy new 2007 year !

for myself...i like 2007 and at the same time i don like it too...

like it bcos its the year of piggy...if u hv not know yet..i luurrvvveeee piggy...
got my first piggy toy when i was 8 i think...cant really remember tho...
one reason why i like samsoon's pig soooo much too hehe

don like it bcos 2007-1977=30 !
gosh im gonna hv that BIG 3 associated with me for the next 10 years !!!
and i don think my samshik will appear anytime soon....sigh~~~

anyway anyway.....never mind...life goes on....

well for the days i havent been blogging or havent been 'talking' much...
ive read quite a bit here and there as usual...

bb...i do keep track of ur bloggy day in day out and ur pink instalment reminds me of a fren of mind who is also a pink person that she turned her kpop website pink too. wonder if she's gonna replace her lost ibook with the new pink sony vaio :p

mrs a...thanks for dropping by on new year's day. hope u feel better now ^^

mishio...if u do hop in here...i do hop on to ur blog whenever bb sound the siren but like they say...u should write more cos u write so well...

and should there be any english speaking korean sisters dropping by here...
thank u so much for ur tireless effort on those translations...
there seem to be some issues regarding the translations done...
i somehow feel that it's definitely NOT an easy job to do.
moreover i know u can never hv a 'perfect' korean-english translation so as long as we keep the content accurate n the meaning of the article correct it is already good enough for many.
so whatever the issue is n whoever is 'involved' just keep in mind...evthing we do we do it for BYJ. he din ask us to do it...it is us who wanted to.
so there's no 'who is better' or 'who deserves what or more'
instead it should be 'why? bcos of BYJ.'

oh dear...why do i bring up tis?? i know its not sth nice to blog about but i somehow wanna say what i wanna say. haha who cares..its my bloggy anyway n im allowed to babble cos its my blog :p

anyway anyway...again....

2007 is a year to look forward to.
its our 'visit malaysia year' anyone interested to come visit me in KL? :p thick skin

goong S is gonna debut on k tv on the coming 10th. don really like seven but will still wanna watch cos i wanna know how they'll 'finish off' my shin goon n chaegyung. n yes i still like hoony very much hehe ^^

rain's coming on the 27th. n i already got my tix which is cheapest of the lot but sources told me that i wont be too far from him. its gonna be an outdoor concert so when it REALLY rains nobody will be too far from him hahahaha

and of cos TWSSG. its being billed as one of the most awaited drama of 2007.
i reckon there'll be much anticipation from not only the fans but also from many critics.

so all the best to all the crew and YJ nim...화이팅 !!!

and lastly i hope..the k project of mine will go on after being put on hold bcos of rain's concert :p

resolutions? did someone ask about resolutions? who? me? no way !

i don quite believe in it cos im just too lazy but i'll make sure i keep on jogging
and thats for sure hehehe ^^

stay healthy and keep smiling evone !

still absolutely BYJ !!!


bb said...

hey, so you do pop by my 'home' huh? thanks much much! hehe, i was soooo... tempted to buy a pink notebook, you know? but they're so expensive, so i stuck to a good ole dell workhouse. then i surround it with all things pink, like a pink water tumbler, a pink feather pen... :p

and... know what?!!! i love love love pigs too! esp the pink ones, hehe... someone just gave me a pink piggy cellphone strap, but i already have a white jewelled pig hanging from my cellphone, so i hung the new pink one from my camera lor... haiz, talking about cameras, i soooo... love the sony pink one!!

hee... i knew it! i'd guessed quite many of you enjoy mishio's writing, so i always sound the siren lor... :p

and hor... i also don't have to check on her blog (or yours, yokee, for that matter), coz bloglines does the job for me :p

hee... she really should write more and more often hor?

p.s. here's a belated new year wish for you! happy new year! may this year be filled with many good things! hee, hope your samshik will appear soon hor!

p.p.s. haha, i just might be popping into kl for a weekend before cny... :)

bb said...

about that 'unhappy' thingy you'd mentioned... i hope S knows that i'm behind her ALL the way :)

vegas said...

Happy New Year to YOU!

All the best to you for 2007!

I'll be visiting KL sometime later this year, so hope to meet with you while I'm there. That would be cool!
Thanks for all!

Take care!
(^0_0^) -

yokee said...

ahahha..so u r a pig person too huh? good.

well S was quite upset but i think she'll be fine..

do let me know when u do pop in kl k?

yokee said...

hello vegas ^^

happy piggy year to u too...

hope we can meet when u do come to kl ^^

vegas said...

thanks yokee!
i'll keep in touch with you about my plans for later this year!
take care!
thanks again!
(^0_0^) -

mrs a said...

I luv the pig on SamSoon so cute!!!!

Have to tell you a story. When my niece was about 4 they lived on a farm back East. Up the road was a Mennonite church/cemetery - like Amish very discipled sect.

She too loved her little piglets they were raising on the farm. The farmhouse was on one side of the road and the barn on the other. She went out and opened the gate to the pen and was playing with them when they started for the road. Her mother was hanging up clothes in the yard and saw her just moments before. She wasn't concerned as the road was rarely travelled. Anyway, she saw a long funeral procession of cars coming and her piglets got in the road so she put her little hand up and stopped the funeral procession until she got all the piggies off the roadway. Needless to say Mommy interacted and helped when she saw what was taking place. It was very funny. Thanks for allowing me to remember that. She is now grown up and has a little girl herself.

yokee said...

hi mrs a..

ur 'piggy traffic diversion' put a smile on my face ^^

i always wonder how nice it is to be able to really rear a piggy. think there shouldnt be any prob over in the cold countries but here...no way jose !