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Thursday, February 22, 2007

gong xi fa cai !!!

i know im not too late to wish anyone who may come 'visiting' here cos today's only the 5th day of the new lunar piggy year...so... GONG XI FA CAI !!! (mandarin meaning wishing u lots of prosperity ^^)

ive been out of KL since last thurs going home to my parents house in Ipoh n only came back on tues. for those 5 days i din even touch the pc tho my mom do hv one but internet will only be dial-up so i decided not to touch it ay all. n funny thing is there wasnt any 'urge' on touching it either!

oh dear...does tis mean anything??
well not really cos ive already hinted that should there be any 'important' news i shall be 'notified' hahaha...but then again there's wasnt much news n in fact it was kinda quiet.
well i guess..the phrase 'no news is good news' do serve a purpose eh? ^^

hope our dear man is enjoying his time with his family like he had wanted to since he wasnt able to do so during the previous chuseok.

im enjoying my new piggy year here with endless rounds of food food and food !

look..the yee sang was one of those 'glorious' food i had hehehe ^^

sorry..tho i had tis twice but evtime i eat i forgot to take a pic of it so had to use someone else's pic.
yee sang is a mixture of various shredded vege, crackers n normally sliced salmon n abalone with some seasoning spices n sweet sour sauce. see those 2 plates of sliced fishes? using a pair of chopsticks it'll be mixed n tossed together with the bigger plate of vege. it is believed that the higher u toss them the chance of ur wish coming true will be higher. so at one time i was standing on a chair tossing bwahahahahahahaha!!

(pic from elleashely.com. thank u ^^)

oh my~ lets just hope i can still fit into my working jeans when i start work next tues.

once again...to all bae sisters out there...chinese or non chinese...

happy piggy new year ! stay healthy and smile always ^^)


bb said...

hope your ipoh break was a good one :)

did you know only singaporeans and malaysians eat yu-sheng? :p

yokee said...

omo! really ar? i din know leh..
so its kind of a 'our version' of new year food la. hmm..wonder who tot of it..

what about u? still celebrating?

vegas said...

hey yokee!

GONG XI FA CAI to you too!
Wishing you and your family all the best!!

I heard from family in KL/Penang and was told about the non-stop eating the past few days. Food coma!

Take good care and ENJOY!!!

yokee said...

hello vegas ^^

food coma? hahaha
then i'll probably never visit korea again in fear of scaring off our dear man...oh in my case...dear men cos i'll be too fat bwahahahahaha

u too hv a hoyous time with ur family ^^

vegas said...

oh yokee...you make me smile!!

hey, all good things in MODERATION. (bb's word of wisdom).

thanks for the good wishes.

BTW - the dish you have pictured - is that the one with the raw fish (like sashimi)? I've never seen it before, but hubby tells me he won't eat it cuz of the raw fish. I love my sashimi...thanks for sharing.

marissa said...

Hi Yokee,

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too! I know its late but the wish is heartfelt.


yokee said...

hi marissa ^^

thanks for the well wishes..

bb said...

apparently two chefs 'invented' the dish in the 1960s... and, these men are still around!

just 'saw' them being interviewed on tv...