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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

to love him is to believe in him...

something triggered me today to post what i posted in gsik. something i DO NOT normally do as to avoid any 'negative consequences' or what? 'misconception'? (pardon my poor vocab hee...:p)

people always say 'sometimes something are best left unspoken' and most of the time i agree.
hence less 'rubbish' coming from me if you noticed..full stop.

but today i just thought i have to have my voices heard.

many may beg to differ from my 'not-so-smart-but-i-think-i-know-better-though-i dont-know-much-thoughts', i apologise and you may choose to stay away from me. annyong~

bcos the post was something out of the ordinary even for myself im shovelling it here just for record hehe..


dear everyone...

its really amazing to see the kind of love and support our dear YJ nim gets everytime 'something' happens. the amount of visitors here actually doubled and doubled ever since the injury news broke out. it has been quite sometime now that the official home gets so 'lively'

ok now..lets get to the point..

i may not be the right person to say this but having been around in the family since the old old WLS days i would just like to share my thoughts and opinion on his recent injury..

im sure everyone has been really shocked when news of his injury first broke out. including myself and few other sisters from other countries started text messaging non-stop from the time we got the news in the noon till late at night. no idea what we texted but 'worry' has always been the topic. i came home, like most of you i even wrote our dear YJ nim a message here. telling him what most everyone was saying about his health and what WE think HE should do. then i went to sleep with 'mr. worry'

then came yesterday..after some sleep my worries seemed to have mellowed a little. my brains seemed to have returned to normal after the shocked suffered the day before. then i started thinking about what i wrote yesterday to him.

have i been a little too hasty with what ive written to him?
if i always say i know him so well, have i actually consider how he will feel reading my message?

i may be wrong i may be right. sitting down with a clear mind i think again..

is he one person that will do things without thinking twice? no. i think he actually think thrice.

why did he asked for a 'no name naming' in the finger injury incident?
because he knew the family well
how is he able to maintain his 'beautifulness' while still enduring such pain in him?
because he love his family and knew them well.

i am very sure BYJ being BYJ, is an ABSOLUTE SMART person.
im sure intelligence is one of the qualities in him that makes you love him, right? ^^
he wouldnt be doing something that he shouldnt do.
im sure he has weighted the pros and cons each time he makes a decision.
and at times decisions are make not only for himself but for others too.

right now, what we can all do is to only support his decision.
nobody can force him to do anything that he cant or dont want to do (this i can be very sure)
he knows himself better than anyone else. he will stop when he thinks he should stop.
so, if he decides to go ahead we should be with him all the way

and here's something i think we SHALL be doing..

PLEASE STOP putting blame on any party. the decision is his and his ALONE.
this should 'reduce' some stress in him as he has never want his family to be worrying too much.

if you think you love him, believe in him, have faith in him and give him all your support !!!



bb said...

hey dear,

that saying 'sometimes some things are better left unsaid' may not be good advice all the time.

can you imagine if everyone starts to hold back what they really think? or worse, what if only empty vessels are the only ones making the most noise? where's the balance then? where's the alternative thinking? and where's the thought leadership? and where's the diversity?

while that saying is useful and helpful sometimes, i think what's even more important (to me, anyway) is to be responsible for what you say, and also try not be overly personal or judgemental, and always aim not to hurt anyone's feelings. that's my personal motto anyway :)

now i've gone and said too much.

anyhow, i'm glad some of you have decided not to just sit back and keep mum this time. it's good to see the older fans coming back and sharing their thoughts and views.

yokee 요키 said...

yeah i agree..thats why the noise i made...and i think i made too much hahaha :p

vegasbyj said...

Making noise is a good thing...
Making noise that makes sense is even better! Does that make sense? Probably not...oh well....

Again, I thank you yokee and bb for writing your messages and putting things into perspective for us.

vegasbyj said...

yokee ~ i read your comment about Korean dramas in "the star online" in the Fan's Views section this morning.

"I started watching Korean dramas when Winter Sonata was shown on TV. I like watching Korean movies and dramas all because of Bae Yong-joon. Now, I stay online to watch his latest costume drama, Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi.

I prefer watching Korean dramas in their original language. I don’t like Mandarin-dubbed Korean serials. They’re not as nice; the voices don’t match. I wish all the Korean dramas on TV could be aired in Korean."

Yes, more positive press for TWSSG!

yokee 요키 said...

oh my goodness! u did!!!
my dear~~never thought anyone will read it online. hahahaha

u know i actually talked a lot but i dunno why i was being phrased like that as though im really so limited in my vocabs. 'i started..i like..i stay..i prefer..i wish..' makes me look as though i only know how to make sentences beginning with "I" aka 'retarded' !!!!

ah fyi..the reporter is a niece of a fellow fan so we r actually pressing hard for publicity on both yj and twssg. but her editor is a little difficult to handle :p

vegasbyj said...

I'm glad it was printed.
More positive press is good.
Difficult editor, huh?
Oh well, at least it got printed and TWSSG/Bae Yong Joon was mentioned a few times - good job!!!

mrs a said...

I totally agree with you and everyone on here! Sometimes you just have to say it and of course take responsibility for it - sometimes people forget that what comes out of their mouths is their responsibility... so make as much noise as you want! I totally agree!
Keep up the good work!

yokee 요키 said...

hello mrs a !

long time no see..how have u been?

i noticed lately that i not only make much noise but hv been talking loudly as well. hehe :p