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Monday, November 05, 2007

BMF's Kimchi Raya Gathering 2-4 Nov 2007

i know its my 'duty' to do tis particular 'report' so im sorry it took me some time but it has been quite some time that i do tis kind of write up. wow~ it shows how long we have not been meeting up..

oh well anyway...let's get started...

we had actually planned for this gathering about 2 months ago and we wanted to try something new. so we decided to checked into a 2 room service apartment in the heart of KL city (neighboring KLCC..so we actually get a good view of the KLCC park^^). since the malay sisters are still celebrating hari raya (muslim new year) they decided to treat us non malay sisters to a hari raya feast ^^

becos some food needed to be prepared earlier, 3 malay sisters first checked in on 2nd nov (fri).
while other sisters will bring more food the next day.

3rd nov (sat).
jeannie and myself were the first 2 to arrived bringing those kimchi stuff.
then other sisters especially those with food came...u know..it was really fun when u greet them at the door and check out what they hv with them hahahaha...

meantime we also got those cabbages washed and cut up and soaked in salt water...

when all the makan (food) are ready we arranged them on the table making it our own hari raya buffet ^^

here..take a look at our spread of yummy makan..we got rendang ayam(malay stew curry chicken), satay sauce (spicy peanut sauce), curry potato chicken, nasi lemak(cocunut cooked rice), tomato spaghetti, nasi himpit(steamed pressed rice), lemang(grilled bamboo rice) and vegetables.

as for dessert we had agar-agar (gelatin/pudding), various types of cookies, chips, fruits, korean pears (^^) and cakes...
oh..i love the cake...kak yati u made the cake right? can i have some more please?? ^^

as for the kimchi preparation...some sisters helped with the cabbages garlic ginger spring onions, wash cut soak blend, everyone was busy with something.

oh..there were few who din help cos they were busy watching TWSSG. hehe...

since the cabbages needed some time to soak, everyone digged in to feed their stomach first.
there were so much food that we had a hard time deciding what to eat first. as for myself i went first for the nasi himpit and rendang and satay sauce....oh..sedapnya !~~~~ (so tasty~~)

while eating...of cos everyone helped themselves to what/who else but King Damdeok !

guess what they are looking at....? ↓↓↓

Damdeok of cos !! ↑↑↑

when its time for the kimchi...oops i don hv enough kimchi pics to show u here cos my hands were busy :p
but it was all just mix and mix until it became like tis ↓↓↓

the kimchi is then distributed into containers so that each sister who came have one each to take home. i know some who had more than one and someone even had a BIGGER container ! see that blue top container ???

then we had Ann to teach us on how to do a 'self breast examination'. being a member of the National Cancer Society and a cancer survivor herself she told us her 'fight' and taught us about self determination.
thank u ann...we appreciate it very much. and yes i will make it happen !!!

then it was time for family pics. look who's the wannabe is :p

sorry norni...u can only DREAM and DREAM ON~~~~

here....our Happy BYJ's Malaysia Family ! ^^


and here are those sisters who made us the delicious yummy food ^^ !

thank u sisters the food were really good and sedaaaaaapppppp ! (tasty)

u know evtime there's a gathering of BYJ's family, 'talk' is something that can never ceased. i believe this happen to ALL families. ours' was no difference especially when someone says she's leaving we'll still continnue to talk from the moment she says she's leaving till the moment she closes the door behind her.

one sister said "oh..see..we still talk when she say she wanna go...then still talk when she finally gets up...and then still talking non stop for at least another 10 minutes then she'll walk to the door..again talk...then she'll open the door..talk another 10 more minutes..finally when she really close the door behind her and leave, u realise that she actually take 30 minutes to really go away!"

sigh...are all gals/women like this??? non stop talking? or its only becos of BYJ???? hehehe...

oh...we haven't even finished the gathering but we are already planning our next one big . we'll be going to Port Dickson next May. it was a decision between Genting Highlands and Port Dickson. some sisters were imagining how romantic the beach scene in WLS so the winner goes to Port Dickson ! haha

tho it wont be another 6-7 months we are all so excited about it ^^ we even planned what to eat...guess what.....Korean BBQ...so im responsible to learn how to marinate the beef :p hehehehe ^^

most of us only stayed on Saturday while 4 other sisters checked out of the apartment on Sunday. hmm..wonder what they did?? must be gossipping..what else :p

to those who weren't able to join us...well...sorry u missed the fun and of cos the gooood food ! hahahahahaha....so make sure u join us on our next gathering la.

we would like to invite other sisters outside of Malaysia to join us too. tho the plan is still tentative but if u are really interested pls email me and i'll keep u updated.

last but not least...

my sincere gratitude to ALL sisters who came and those who sent regards. i really appreciate your support for the family and of cos your continuos love for our dear BYJ!

Terima Kasih ! THANK YOU ! 감사합니다 ! Kamsahamnida !

Forever 배용준 ! 영원히 사랑합니다 I Love You !


xiaoyi said...

Dear yokee, thank you for everything. Sorry that i was only there for a while. I really hope to stay longer next time, and have a nice long chat with everyone. This is my first experience and it's a great one too. And i hope to have many more too. Thanks again.
Oh yes, thank you very much for our dear Malay sisters, the food is very yummy and thanks for taking the trouble.

Love, xiaoyi

jaime said...

hi yokee,

thank you for sharing this wonderful fan gathering with us. The food sure looks yummy, all spicy?

Thanks xiaoyi for bringing me to the attention of yokee's post. My question is, are both of you missing from the pictures? :)

love ... jaime

yokee 요키 said...

hi xiaoyi..

yeah u should stay longer next time. i had wanted to leave at about 5.30 but only made my exit at about 7.30pm hahahahaha !

oh can u pls email me the pics u took? and norni i must remind her to developed the group photo cos she's the only one with evone in it.

thanks for coming and im glad u had fun !

yokee 요키 said...

hi jaime ^^

long time no 'see'. how r u?
let me tell u..the food is really yummy..hhehe..spicy..no not all the spaghetti sauce was tomato with chicken.

nope xiaoyi's in the pic except myself hehe..

Anonymous said...

hi hi!!!
haha, i actually know what you mean!!!! marikoo onni and and i are talking on the phone and one will say thats "it s late already so let talk tomorrow "
but then another topic will come and again ' good night but...... did you saw that vod?etc etc...

after that its really late so "take care ok? btw, wait did you read that blah blah blah etc...
and thats the end of the story....
haha, my mom scolded me bec my cellphone bills raced up up up :p(just joking)...
thanks for sharing yokey... i so envy yoou :(
echoing jaime onni? where is xiaoyi onni and yokee in those photos, huh?

joyce said...

hi yokee, me too following xiaoyi's footstep here. thanks for sharing a great experience, the food looks real sedap :)

and we are tasked to guess who's xiaoyi, any tips ?

vegasbyj said...

Thanks Yokee for writing this.
Xiaoyi told me about your gathering and how much fun she had meeting everyone etc...
I'm very happy to read and see the pictures. Everyone looked so happy and the food - wow!
One things for sure with BYJ gatherings - good food and good conversation!!

I hope to visit next summer!!

take care!

Shila said...

Dear Yokee

A big thank you for organising this. Sorry if I talked too much!!(yah lah I remember not wanting to go home too) I really enjoyed myself and so nice to be able to drool in company...heheheheh

And thanks everyone for the lovely lovely food..

A big good luck and hugs from to our cancer survivor sister also and its heartwarming when she says how BYJ brought cheer in her life...!



xiaoyi said...

Dear yokee, I will forward the pic to you in a moment. Mine's are not that many. I do hope to get hold some of norni's photos too. ^^

And hello to everyone! Yea, i'm in the group photo. Tips?..mmmm I wear specs, and yea, that's my little ones, where i have to sent them off early. Ha ha...
Loves, xiaoyi

Anonymous said...

Dear Yokee and Malaysian sisters,

Thank you for sharing your gathering report, it was a full of fun indeed I can easily imagine.
Once we start taling about our prince we can't stop!!

cloud nine

bb said...

hey yokee, sounds like great fun! hehe, i also wanna go next time :p

haiyo, how come you're not in the pic?

p.s. xiaoyi, there's more than one person wearing glasses la... what colour top were you wearing, pray tell? :)

yokee 요키 said...

hi hi evbody..

thanks for all the nice comments ^^
it'll be even more fun if other sisters from other countries can join with one another.

so bb..if u really can join us the next time round..i'll make u my special guest of honor !

bb said...

haha, no need to be special guest of honor la... juz gimme special-big plate to scoop all the yummy food :p

yokee 요키 said...

sure or not? u sure u only want a big plate? i'll give u a basin. just make sure u come when we are ready. ok?

xiaoyi said...

Dear bb,
Ok ok.. I'll reveal the answer, i'm wearing beige coloured top and i'm seated on the right in the group photo. ^.^

p/s: sorry yokee... borrowing you blog for a while :P
Love, xiaoyi

jaime said...

hi hi yokee,

ho lor mo geen, nay ho ma? ngo ho ho, mo chuen mo lan! (hahaha, sorry for giving you a long riddle, hope it doesn't drive you nuts :)

Have u changed your look, my dear yokee? Like bb, how come I can't find you in the group pic?

Ha, thank you xiaoyi, I see u now. How nice! And those are your little ones, how cute! They must have been wondering why is mommy getting so excited talking with these ladies??

thanks yokee and xiaoyi for sharing!

love .. jaime

bb said...

hee... xiaoyi, thanks for being a sport and be spotted :p

and... jaime, yokee's not in the pic la... hehe, she's probably behind the cam... but i think i see shila (aka surya) though :)

and a basin? don't want la, so shy!!

p.s. haiyo, jaime, you're back to your english-cantonese? thank god i could figure this one out :p

yokee 요키 said...

hahaha jaime...

it took me sometime to figure out when i see "ho lor mo geen.." then i realised that it's canto haha..

xiaoyi's little son were actually sulking when he first entered the room. the elder one is easier to coax. oh xiaoyi's hubby also came so since the younger son couldnt get use to us daddy had to take both sons out for a walk..

mishio said...

Hi yokee!

Haven't been "out" the last few days - just seeing this link from Quilt now!

Thanks for sharing this story and picture of Bae-family happiness. You also kinda reminded me that these were the kind of stories that drew me in to the BYJ family too.

The buffet spread seems just lovely - actually, we don't get much exposure to Malaysian food...is this a special New Year's only kind of food? Sorry - manhi chilmun ... just curious..

yokee 요키 said...

hi mishio...

i was reading ur blog the other day about ur 'to blog or not to blog' kinda thing. u know sometimes i also wonder why things change or why did we actually 'stopped' posting like we used to? was it bcos of others or was it bcos we hv changed ourselves and we just din realise?

some may not ustand how we feel when we said how those "ive been there seen him" kinda story made an 'impact' on us as i always think its a matter of time difference. can u imagine that we hv been part of tis family for more than..what..5 years??
and i somehow love the motto on EJiah's homepage "its all a matter of perspective" just like when we say "a diamond has many angles"

oh dear what am i getting to???
blogging on comment?? :p

nope..not really. those goodies are actually available all year round but its not always that we get to eat all of them at one go!
talk about being greedy..hehe..

yokee 요키 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yoko said...

Hi, I'm Yoko from Japan.

Sounds fun! I didn't read it yet,but coyied all of them. I'll take a time and read it at home!

Have a good week end.

yokee 요키 said...

hello yoko..

thanks for dropping by.

u too hv a great weekend ^^

bb said...

yea, yokee, guess some of the newer fans may not feel the way we feel, coz by the time they came onto the bae-scene, things had already changed. they didn't get the chance to see what we saw, to experience what we experienced, and to feel what we felt.

but like i'd said, nothing stands still forever. since things have changed, we can only move on. unless we wanna start a revolution to bring back the good old days. but if we ourselves are not posting or replying the way we used to, how to convince others to do so?

so... guess the next best thing for us to do is to treasure those oh-so-precious memories, and maybe occasionally just speak of the old days amongst us :)

Anonymous said...

hi onnis! been thinking about this too...
its not like before when i was silent...
before may bae sis write in there blog but now, they just do it onece in a while...
thats why im thankful for bb onni bec she always blog.
legend started and i think many write in hteir blog again but some are still missing...
where are they?
the blogs that actually lead me into this bae world...

mishio said...

hi again,
just want to thank you for taking the time to explain the food question and also to share your perspective. I thought about what you've said over & over and honestly I have no answers.

I know I've shared with bb that I've gotten a bit "afraid" to write too much nowadays. But you're really right too in that I myself have changed. Although what HRH means to me has remained as bright & deep as ever, he has also motivated me to become a more industrious person, so I'm working hard and applying myself in meaningful ways out there. So....alas (!) I no longer have enough time to write and read news! How ironic, huh?

Anyway, I read your post today (11-11) - thank you (& sorry) for speaking up eventho you "din mean to get involved"

Maybe when we get gray and with our teeth falling, we can sit around and reminisce over the "good 'ol days" while you prepare these lovely foods. I think the coconut rice doesn't need teeth to chew! haha

sanny said...

wow yokee! happy to read about the kimchi gathering! all that food makes me hungry!! :)