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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Friday, November 09, 2007

JAB of something

seems like we are gonna hv another 'doll' coming. Keyeast today inked a 6 billion Won deal with Apex(?) to produce a figurine of Damdeok. said to be only limited to 5000 units and estimated to be priced at 120,000 won. hmm...i wonder if they'll make it King Damdeok or a young Damdeok. Or...better still to make it 'changeable'. u know like those Barbie/Ken doll where u can change their clothes and hairstyle.

wow~imagine how u can actually 'play around' with Prince Damdeok! oh!~ @@~

bb was talking about the progress of the drama production as we see yj's injured finger in the recent epi 17. which means it was only filmed quite recently when it was reported earlier that they only had 4 more epis to go. so how is it actually going? is it that filming has been delayed or could it be becos yj was injured while filming that scene and they had to redo that particular part so thats why we get to see his injured finger? i actually hv no problem with the filming schedule as long as they get their work done smoothly but seems like work has not been easy lately with the actors and crew having to film quite long hours. especially with the weather already getting really cold ~~~

just wish everything could finish fast so that everyone can rest rest rest ! which they really need after working on the project for sooo long and mind you the actors themselves do have other individual work in between shoots. phew~ talk about hard earned money !

ah~ coming to that our yj was top on this year's list of top earning celeb in korea with 430 bil won. 용준님 점심을 사주실래요? YJ nim..can buy me lunch please???

then mishio told about how close the fans could get to him during filming lately. it reminds me of when i was on location while he was filming April Snow 2 years ago in Mokdong. at one point of a scene where he was supposed to walk towards where we were standing, we were soo close that u can actually feel his body heat coming to u ! goodness gracious ! and he was doing the same thing for about 5-6 times. thank god i managed to stay calm and sane !

i know....there were some issues around about write ups/reports on individual 'encounters/sightings' of BYJ. i myself hv written quite a few..not many but im grateful...of such stuff. so u may call me a boast or a show-off. i din mean to 'get-involved' in this particular issue but really...many of us just mean to share. nothing else but to share with you the excitement.

as a matter of fact, when we say...we miss the good ole days..we really do mean it!

so...and i think ive said this many times...how i love EJiah's homepage motto "its all a matter of perspective"

but seriously..believe me...once u see him IN PERSON...u'll just wanna tell the whole wide world about how absolutely BYJ he is !!! and it is no joke what this man can do to you once he look you in the eye ! and YES ! he do look at you in the eye even if you seemed to be metres away from him..yet you still feel as though he is looking right at you !

and becos i think he is already looking right at me now i think i should go and dream on~~


bb said...

damdeok doll?

hehe, byjglobal should be pleased to hear this... :p

yea, me wonder if it's gonna be a king or prince... and, what size is this doll gonna be?

p.s. so you're one of those who understand that trip reports and all are all done in the spirit of sharing, huh? :)

yokee 요키 said...

eerr....i think im one of those 'veterans/oldies' aren't i?

bb said...

yea, think we've been around long enough to 'earn' the title of 'veterans' :p

tomato99 said...

hi, yokee,

the company name if AVEX,
they are the ones which have rights for TWSSG dvds in Japan.

will the doll come with horse too??


yokee 요키 said...

hi tomato ^^

ahh Avex..i was trying to figure out the romaninised english-korean.. thanks !

hahaha the horse? well i think they should ^^