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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

my orange man has spoken...

i just~~~have to shovel this here to my own bloggy..
it has been so so long since he last wrote and posted in ob..so i consider this a 'treasure'
my orange treasure ^^

im surprised he's still using his old id which is 양실짱 (Yang Siljang=Chief Yang) he has actually been promoted to a much higher rank 양이사 (Yang i-sa=Director Yang).
but i still prefer to call him yang siljang cos thats what i called him when i met him for the first time back in 2003 and i think it sounds nicer so i still do call him 양실짱님 ^^

here's his original posting from KOB...

안녕하세요.양근환 입니다.

양실짱 19:51:20 279

안녕하십니까, 가족여러분.

너무 오랫만에 글을 남깁니다. 그 동안 건강히 잘 지내셨는지요?시험일이면 항상 날씨가 쌀쌀했었는데, 올해는 예년에 비해 큰 추위가 아니어서 다행이라는 생각이 듭니다. 수험생분들과 주위에 수험생을 두신 가족분들 그 동안 정말 고생 많으셨습니다. 오늘 시험 치르신 모든 가족분들께 꼭 좋은 결과가 있기를 기원합니다.

배용준씨는 현재 태왕사신기 막바지 촬영에 최선을 다하고 있습니다. 여러 가지 부상으로 인해 체력적으로 상당히 어려운 상황이지만, 가족분들의 한결 같은 응원 때문에 힘을 내어 촬영에 임하고 있습니다. 촬영이 잘 마무리 될 수 있도록 끝까지 격려해 주시길 부탁 드립니다.
늘 한마음으로 응원에 주셔서 감사 드립니다.
감기 조심하시고, 항상 건강 하십시오.

양근환 올림.

english translated and posted by Joanne in Quilt

Mr. Yang Geunhwan, a board director at the BOF, posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home under name of Yangsiljjang(Section Chief Yang).

How are you, I am Yang Geunhwan,

How are you, dear family.

I am leaving a writing in a very long time. Have you been healthy and well all the while, havn't you?Although it had been always chilly on examination* days(*scholastic aptitude test for college entrance was held in Korea today), I think it is fortunate that it was not too cold in this year compared to other years.Students who took the examination and our family who have examinees around you, you really took much pains all the while.I pray and wish for all family who took the examination today to have good result without fail.

At present, Mr. BYJ is doing all his best in last moment filming of the 'TWSSG'.Although he is in pretty difficult situation physically due to various injuries, he is working on the filming gaining strength due to unwavering cheer up from dear family. I beg you to please encourage (him) till the end to finish the filming well. I thank you for supporting him always in same heart.
Please watch out for colds, and always be healthy.

Respectfully from Yang Geunhwan.

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