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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Friday, August 04, 2006

shaking hands with him ~@@~

i shook his hand before !!!!

ok ok..i know i shouldnt be bragging but i did !!! not once but FEW times ! kakaka
*yokee u better stop b4 u get eggs thrown at u...AGAIN !*

remember i told the first time i did i din wanna let it go? phew~!

anyway evbody saw the short clip? its from a tv segment intro-ing the 24 hour program thingy
he was shaking hands with the lady.
who is she ah? saw her before but cant remember who she is :p

look at this capture...what do u see??

he is holding her hand with BOTH his hands !
aaarrrrggghhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!

looking green feeling green turning green going green I AM GREEN !!!

*sigh sigh sigh*

when can i ever shake hands with him like that???
or will ever get to shake his hand again???

anyway...back to 'reality'.......*wake up yokee! wake up !!*

told u i wasnt 'too happy' with how he looked previously during Gosireh's opening nite
wonder if this was taken on the same day....

my dear YJ nim

please do get some rest

용준님 건강 많이 조심하고 잘 쉬세요~

잘 자요~


mrs a said...

oh Yokee - so glad for you to shake his hand but next time, put both hands out and he will then surely extend both of his out on top of yours. OHHHHHHH!
You can think of it as doing if for the the BAESISTERS in the States that will NEVER see him in person! And everywhere else for that matter! Do it for humanity! hahaha

Oh Yokee - not me! I wouldn't throw eggs at you. But I am envious of you and alittle GREEN!(smile)\

Have a good weekend!

yokee said...

hi mrs a..

u know..ive a feeling he WILL mark the US of A as one of his itinerary for his next round of visit ^^

u too have a nice weekend ^^

HeippieH said...

Hey Yokee, you did not want to let go of his hand? I read someone who would not wash her hands after shaking hands with him. Got to be creative, spread some super glue or smthng on your palm. How about starting an arm wrestling contest with the man. Make it the rule that u can use two hands. I would only wrestle with his right hand. And gently hold his left, his left had is quite delicate. Though if you really want to wrestle his left hand, I don't think you have a chance to win with both of your hands. All right, way too much imagination.

yokee said...

hahaha H...

u r really imaginative ^^
thing is when u really come into 'contact' with him...even the slightest of touch...u'll loose evthing in ur head :p

ginnie said...


May your prediction come true....
I hope it is not a long long long time from now...If you could take another peek into your crystal ball, can you find out when is his next round visit? ha!

Speaking about shaking his hand or any kind of close contact with him seem so supernatural to me..

anyways, did you share your many close encounters with him in your blog? You shoke his hand many times during...?????? I would like to hear the story if you don't mind sharing...or have you shared somewhere but carelessly missed it?

yokee said...

hi ginnie ^^

i did hv A FEW my close encounters with him but none are as 'close' as u think.

u can find them at the left column of this blog ive 'highlighted' them...if u hv the time check them out ^^

good day~

ginnie said...


Oh It is called "My First Time"...reading reading...you are mixing Korean and English rojak in there..ha!

ginnie said...

hey Yokee,

You didn't go "see" him when he was at Central Market/Petaling Street area?

When I saw The Image photos taken in Malaysia, a familiar feeling came to me. I used to visit that place at least twice a week. I walked past those "dried fish" every time I go there. I can imagine exactly what Yong Joon saw and where he stood from the pictures. =) I don't know what Yong Joon thought when he was there...

yokee said...

well...actually i did try to go 'see' him but din get to 'see' him :p

hmm ok maybe i'll babble about tis later..but give me some time now cos i very excited now that i got myself a ticket to shinhwa liao !

yes! yes! yes!
eric ar..here i come !!!

bb said...

so... where are you gonna be sitting?

anywhere, ticket booking opened liao meh?

yokee said...

hehehe...im gonna be seated behind the standing..hahahaha wrong english but nvm. not open but i got it all 'kau tim' ! hehehe ^^