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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

If thou shall visit...

im still not 'over' yet with my 'pain'...
but i found tis piece of writing in baeto

dairymom unni reposted it..
so i tot i just share with u ppl out there ^^

don remember where tis was posted at that time since i was zero korean back then

but i remembered reading the translated version done by priscilla somewhere..
priscilla is another great fan who used to
do various trans work for the oseas fan
i havent been in contact with her for a long long time..
anyone of u out there who still keep in tou
ch with her pls send her my warmest regards

the original korean version was written by 'nadooya kanda' nim
im not really a fan of shakespeare cos i cant seem to ustand those 'thou art' kinda lgg
but tis one is really nice...so i hope u like it too..

here's both the english trans and original version...


URGENT...... We shall take care of production cost....

From: 나두야 간다 (Me too, I'm going)
Date: 2002.11.22
Translated by Priscilla

Dost thou needst female extras?
Just knock at BYJ's official site
Everything is ready: from elementary kids... all the way to the elderly.

Dost thou needst male extras?
Just knock at BYJ's official site
Everything is ready: sons, friends and boyfriends, husbands and fathers.

Dost thou needst a devout Catholic or a foreigner?
Just let BYJ's official site know
overseas fans are ready to leave everything behind and come running.

What else dost thou needst?
Just write a few words at BYJ's official site.
There is nothing that cannot be done.
Thou shalt be cutting the production cost
(Ahhh!! Shalt not spare any cost on Mr. Yong Jun)

Thou shalt be doing us a service too.
Thou shalt be rich by making a BIG HIT.
Thou shalt kill several birds at once.

Art thou still not interested?
Consider this "BYJ Corporation" carefully:
Bae Yong Jun's Official Site.
If thou honor us with thy visit we shalt be most thankful.

제목: 긴급제안이오.........제작비 절감해 드리겠사옵니다

나두야 간다

여자 엑스트라가 필요하시나이까?
배용준 공식홈에 살짝 대문만 두드려 주이소
초딩부터~~~양로원 세대까지 준비되어 있사옵니다

남자 엑스트라도 필요하시나이까?
배용준 공식홈에 살짝 노크만 해주시옵소서
자식들 애인들 친구들 남편들 부모님까지 준비되어 있사옵니다

혹시 천주교 씬에 외국인도 필요하시나이까?
배용준 공식홈에 살짝 귀뜸만 해주시옵소서
해외팬분들 만사 체쳐놓고 달려올 준비되어 있사옵니다

그밖에 뭐 또 필요한거 있사옵니까?
배용준 공식홈에 글자 몇개만 치시옵소서
안되는게 없을줄로 아뢰옵니다

제작비도 아끼시옵고 (아!!용준님께는 아끼면 안되옵니다)
팬들께도 서비스 하시옵고
대박나셔서 돈버시옵고
일석 몇조가 될지 모르겠사옵니다

이래도 관심 없으시나이까?
심사숙고 하셔서 '주식회사 배용준'
배용준 공식홈에
일차 왕림해 주셨으면 감사하겠나이다


u know...
there's really absolutely nothing u cannot find in BYJ's Corp...
or should we say BYJ's Family? ^^

seriously...i think u can just find anything everything...almost maybe...
or maybe REALLY EVERYTHING in BYJ's Family...

u wan tall u get tall
u wan fat u get fat
intelligence..u'll find it
professionalisme (dunno how to explain tis but anyway..:p) ...u'll find it
simplicity...u'll have it
extraordinary...u'll be amazed by it
i mean..u know what i mean??

and that very last sentence..
i guess its what evone is hoping for...

"If thou honor us with thy visit we shalt be most thankful.


jaime said...

Madame Yokee,

May I suggest 'Thou Shalt include the following species in the Bae Kingdom' :

Giraffe - prolonged waiting for our prince Yong Joon's news
Mouse - constantly looking everywhere for news of our prince
Dog - dropping jaws, uncontrollable panting and drooling at the sight of our prince
Cat - licking face to clean, no time to walk to the bathroom to wash
Panda - Staring at the computer for too long
Owl or Bat - deprivation of sleep at night, doze off at work during the day

I think I am 'all of the above' meshed into one, like Chanwoo's nickname in First Love -'guai mud'!

yokee said...

guai mud? bwahahhahahaha

hmm..wonder if he likes shakespeares...