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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

looking back....

i actually had no intention to babble about anything today

but having this Kim Bum Soo (one of my fav K singer) singing in my ears now...
it somehow makes me feel a litlle sentimental...haha i dunno if its the right word but..it somehow feels that way...i guess that's how good Kim is...he never fails to gets me drowned with his singing.

in fact its his song playing now in the bloggy...보고싶다 = I Miss You
some of u may be familiar with it cos its part of the OST for Stairway to Heaven starring
KSW & CJW :p

i can really cry just listening to tis song. remembered when there was one time..3 years ago? cant remember but i was listening to tis song while looking at some YJ pics and suddenly there were tears... my~ my~ i dunno why...i wasnt crying....but there were so much tears...phew~
talk about having feelings for a man who don even know u exist :p

so anyway....
as i was saying Kim makes me feel sentimental so let me just look back on those years for a moment...

oh~ i almost forgot..im in my 4th year now being part of Bae family ^^

it was WLS that got me started and tis particular guy that got me stuck !

guess it was tis very smile that touched my heart. u know how when joonsang first appeared he'll hv tis 'oh so cool' n sad look on his face? then when things got better he eventually started to smile a little. it was that very snow throwing scene he first had with yujin where he was really SMILING and laughing and making that famous *wink*

THAT was what killed me and banished me to Baeland !

huiyo..i tell u..i was oh so really really soooooo *'lum' at that time i almost melted in my seat.

* lum (canto) = in love. err i actually don really know how to explain tis but u ustand rite?. can somebody out there help me pls.

then i discovered Jaeho. my dear Jaeho...

guess there's no need for any intro to tis 'remarkable' guy. don think i need to explain why i love Jaeho so much. i still remember how sad i was during his final days and how so so so heartbroken i was when he din wake up from his 'sleep'. my mom got worried when i couldnt stop crying and she kept saying 'aiyo its just a drama la. just acting la. don be so chisin !'

well i wasnt chisin. i was REALLY heartbroken ㅠ.ㅠ.....

anyway... 4 years...wow...4 years...can u ever imagine urself being a fan of a star for 4 years??
yeah i know i know we all are fans of some other stars for so so long but hv u been THIS serious? do u DO what u are doing now for other stars??? i thought it'll be just another wind passing by but....it was some wind that just refuse to blow away~

guess i should be considered as among the lucky ones.
having join the family at a time considered to be 'early' especially for the overseas fans..
ive got some of the warmest 'welcome' i could ever get from the family
there weren't many oseas fans back then so the kind of reception i get from the korean family was just amazing. from those simple 'hello how are u? nice to meet you' greetings some of us have now grown to be really close.

some of those great sisters just never fail to surprise u. tis was one of the biggest surprise ive ever got from one of them.

when i first got it i tot it was just a really nice photo that the sis has sent me. but on 2nd look at the pic...i shouted and evone in the house just yelled at me ! really don expect to get something like that after only 2 months (see the date on the pic) being his fan. i was even more touched when she told me how she got me the auto.

later..as the family gets bigger and he got more n more popular...i too got to know more n more sisters all around the world. i wont do a fan-mories like bb's doing cos i don think i'll be able to write as good as her so lets not ruin my fan-mories with my lousy writing. but im especially close to some sisters and they know who they are ^^
moreover...if im to write a fanmories i wouldnt even know where to start or who to start with. allow me to say that...i think the number of ppl ive met all these years as a baefan may hv been one of the most. im not trying to boast but i think its something im really proud of having to meet so many of you. though it may just be a short 'hello goodbye' meet but to me its the 'eye-to-eye' meet and togetherness that matters.

of cos to those i were able to spend some really good time with...
it was really really *jongmal jongmal something that i'll never forget...
even if IF one day should i decide not to like YJ anymore..(will i??)
the moment and the memories will forever be part of me~

*jongmal (korean) = really

a fren of mine was asking me some questions yday nite. n i know very well that she is one of those that don agree with me over all these BYJ stuff.
how i answered her? well lets just say...she sensed that i was a little upset but realised that im still sane n am having a good time ^^
and lets just say she's just worried why im still single. who cares??? bwahaha :p
but u know...the things i learned as part of the bae family is something u cant get out of the 'ordinary life'.

one thing for sure..ive learned to hv more patience.
u know...being a bae mafia one must be wise as to what they should not hear and what they should be listening...what u should be saying and what u should not be telling...how u should be behaving and what u should not be doing when u meet someone.
having met some of the 'highest' ppl (fans included) of Bae family...
i'll say it is those things that keeps the family together. family ties....Bae-ties

oh dear what am i babbling about?? :p

hmm...maybe i should stop babbling here before i go way way out...

before i go...pls allow me to say a BIG thank you to everyone of you out there who's reading tis.
thank you for being part of the family. thank you to all sisters who knows me.



ps : sorry if im being a little mushy here but with his song ringing in my ears i just cant help


Anonymous said...

Hi Yokee,

Yup! this song definitely stir up that soft part within us, especially at 5.30am for me. I like the piano intro, reminds me of Winter Sonata.

I am very very new to this Bae wind. I don consider myself a fan...especially not when compared to the dedication you gals have.

But I do enjoy yr writing and bb's, jamie's,flowerbossa's.

I am also from KL. Heard abt the gathering on 27 Aug but I will be overseas so wont hv a chance to meet u just yet.


yokee said...

hello jen..

welcome to bae land n welcome to my bloggy ^^

glad to know that we hv another fellow sister here n yes i know u've been to the forum.

well we do meet up 'unofficially' once in a while. so if u feel like it just let me know. we can just meet over a cuppa n talk our hearts out about one man ^^

good day to u ~

frances said...

hey yokee,
same here, everytime i hear a baetiful kr love song or any love song ^^, it reminds me of yong joon and how i miss him so. the kr songs that always makes me wanna drop everything i'm doing and simply drool over his pics are moment & mr flower...crazy me :)

btw, happy 4th bae-day !! i just passed my 2nd yr and the journey is as exciting as ever. here's wishing more unforbaettable years with our man :)

jaime said...

Congratulations yokee! Wow 4 years out of your young life, no wonder you're in such sentimental mood.

Remember way back while "Sunny Place of the Young" was airing, he received that funny award of "stealing most women's hearts" and the MC joked that his prize should be a list of those women's phone number so he could call them up one by one. 10 years later after that award, he's still guilty of the same crime but has exploded a million times (he even stole our "won park") and we have yet to think of an appropriate punishment for this gorgeous hunk!

So you're "lum at first sight" eh? Me too me too, me lum him too! My problem is I show my "lum yeung" everywhere I go. I hope you are more respectable than me, so as not invite as many "chisin" comment as me from family and friends. But from reading your post, sounds like you're getting a fair share of the "chisin" too!

I am happy that you are one of the original overseas fans that the Korean and Japanese sisters recognized from early on. Honestly, without you, tiffany and bb (and more...) exploring and opening doors for the overseas fans, we will not be able to enjoy so much BYJ news and fun readings now. Thanks a lot and hope you'll have many more 4 years of BYJ!

love ..... jaime

marissa said...

Yokee, chukahamnida!!! 4 years in our family and countless friends gained, I'm sure it was all worth it. So keep on blabbing here and we'll enjoy every single one of them.


Anonymous said...

Harlow Jamie,

Pardon my curiosity. Is yr hubby a Bae fan too?


bb said...

chuka hamnida!

and me too... 'hao lum' that man :p

yokee said...

thank u so much ladies ^^

frances...mr flower? hah~ JSM is another of my top fav. did i tell about how 'down' i was when i chose to miss seeing him in the AS concert?? n having tiff boasting all about him when she came back?

when he returns from the army 2 years later im gonna go for his concert for sure !

yokee said...

jaime..u sure u wan him to call on u? err..i don think so ler...don wan him to think im a 'stutter mouth' person (eerr how u call it ah?? :p) cos i know i'll go eerr...eerr...rrr all the while.
i cant even talk properly with his staff let alone the man himself :p

and hey i hope that u'll hv ur own 4 year anni too ok? ^^

yokee said...

thanks marissa...
i'll try my best to babble useful stuff ok? hehe
and oh..so i wont be meeting u in spore huh? any of ur other frens coming?

haha jen..i think her hubby is a 'bae-fan' fan. hahahahahhaha

yokee said...

bb ar..

how's weather in aussie ar??
see any real man u can really 'lum'? hehehe

jaime said...

Hi Jen from Jaime!

haha, why do you think my hubby a bae fan? If BYJ turns into a golf club or baseball bat, then he's definitely interested! But I would never let him swing our prince in the air like that!

I appreciate that he's very supportive and understanding though. He sets up my exclusive BYJ "office" with desk, cabinets and computer and is my official BYJ technical help-desk with stuffs like ordering, registering, posting etc.

haha, the "chisin" comment is more from my mom's side, not from hubby nor in-laws (they are more respecting of my interests, I

So, you're in the same beautiful country as yokee. I hope you can meet the ever-happy, warm and funny yokee and your Malaysian BYJ family soon! Hope to hear from you more. Take care!

bb said...

errr.... just realised i spelt my cantonese wrongly la... i meant to say me 'ho lum' that man.

what? find a man to lum here in perth? i'll be lucky if i even see someone... i ain't joking, no one's on the streets... !

it's late winter now, but perth ain't as cold as the eastern states. so it's about 7 to 17 deg everyday. but it's been kindda wet and windy these few days...

vegasbyj said...

hi yokee!
i'm a newbie when it comes to BYJ. I've been visiting bb's blog and I am enjoying all that all of you have to share.
Congratulations on your 4th year!!

I've learned so much from all of you since I've started reading. All of you are such great FANS!! and sisters.

Take care!

ps: been to KL many times as I have family there too.

Anonymous said...

Yokee ar,

I know u don't particularly fancy YJ's co-star in WLS. Hope u don mind me asking. Read somewhere else that she was YJ ex-girlfriend, is that true?

yokee said...

bb bb..u got me cracking up with ur 'no one's on the street.' hahahah so 'cham meh'?? try the mart hahahahahaha

yokee said...

hi vegasbyj..
welcome to my bloggy ^^
im really so amazed that we r getting more n more sisters from the states.

oh so r u a malaysian? we shall meet the next time u come.

yokee said...

hi anonymous..

haha u read it right..i don fancy her :p
nope its not true...what u read was a rumor which was the topic of the town during the early days.

having 'know' yj..he'll let us know once he find his other half ^^

vegasbyj said...

hi again!
thank you!

my "other half" is Malaysian. Was there in July for 1 month. Also went to Penang to visit family. We visit once a year.

we shall meet the next time - next year!!

all the best!

yokee said...

haha vegasbyj...
u sound so cute saying 'my other half is msian'^^ like most will ask is he ok with ur new 'korean adventure'? hehe

ok..we shall meet next year..
*yaksok hae ! ^^

*yaksok (korean) = promise

tiffany said...

Has it been 4 years? Yeah, have been around as long as you have. Remember seeing your name and a whole group of them on Quilt back then.....

Those were the days of few overseas fans...

As for JSM during the AS concert..I WAS NOT boasting. You text me asking me how it was. I said it was wonderful. hehe! And it was. You should have been there lah. Great singers....

bb said...

tiff! it's been too long ya, since that AS superlive concert. definitely time for a re-visit!

vegasbyj said...

my "other half" has no clue. he enjoys historical dramas such as Emperor of the Sea, but other than that...no clue whatsover. i get to enjoy this adventure with all of you. i am having a blast!!

next year it is!!


vegasbyj said...

re: byj and dating....so as far as you know he's not been involved with anyone in the past 10 years of his career? believable yet unbelievable.... you know what i mean?

the byj/cjw hookup was just a rumour? does the same go for kim tae hee and lee san gang? read it somewhere...

just wondering...


yokee said...

yeah those were the days tiff...
eerr soli ler...ok ok i was the one who texted u n i was the one asking for trouble waaahhhhhh !!!!!
언니야 미안해요 난 잘 못했어요...

bb..revisit AS or revisit seoul?
waaahhhh !!! i wan to go ahh !!!!

yokee said...

he made an official announcement about his r/ship with ms lee sagang.

the rest r rumors :p

Anonymous said...

bb ar, yokee ar,

Go Korea--I also want! Never been to Korea.Been planning with my friend also a Bae fan but never succeeded. Managed to convince my 'lou kung' to come with me. He is an avid photographer like YJ, he can help take good shots of YJlah. Ha ha ha!

lou kung=husband


vegasbyj said...

thanks for the info! so i guess the relationship with ms.lee sagang is no more?

have a good one!

mrs a said...

4 wonderful years. Well it has been 5 wonderful months for this baebie but it has been great because of you and all the other fantastic baesisters and family members. I agree does make us walk alittle prouder being a member. That is because of nice people like you!

yokee said...

hi mrs a...

its the bae-bond ^^

n u know what mrs.a? the family is becoming more and more multi-national+cultural so its really interesting to know how each of us hv our own ways of loving ONE man.

HeippieH said...

Hi Hi Yokee, just saw this. Congratulations! I am almost half way of your bae-age, felt happier a lot, cried a lot, smiled a lot, and learned a lot, boy, never forget these Yokee language, like "tis" "tot", "u ustand" ... and "lum"

i lum u fren!

yokee said...

hi H..

hahaha..so its my kind of lgg huh? yokeebae's language ^^

bb said...

H, you mean you pple don't type like this in the states? hehe, over here in singapore & i presume malaysia too, we all text one another these abbreviations :p

HeippieH said...

Hey bb, some do, like "c u", but not this heavily, and mostly when using IM, but mixing it with "lum", "lo kung", this is the "first time" :-)


after hooked by byj, my IM usage is much more less and brief, only work related and GOT to be necessary. simply got less time for it since byj takes up so much time from me :-)