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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

'Dory' came a calling ;p

i really hv no idea why im babbling today cos i hv absolutely nothing in my mind now

why? well...ive been kinda sick these few days...am down with *'kamki' ㅠ.ㅠ..
and i hv this 2 gigantic mouth ulcer...
one on the left of my lower lips n the other on the side of my left inner cheek !
so ive been deprived of food as i cant really eat properly. cant even sleep the other day cos of the stinging pain. believe me its *'chin cha chin cha apuda' ㅠ.ㅠ....

so my brain kinda shrunked bcos of all tis..i mean..what can u expect from a shrunked again '120% shrunked brain' to work? no idea? go ask Dory :p

*kamki (감기) = cold
*chin cha chin cha apuda (진짜 진짜 아프다) = really really painful

oh dear...what am i doing telling ppl of my pain...
no point doing so cos no one can share the pain with me n u wont wanna share it :p

anyway anyway...it has been quiet too thru out baeland except for some 'not supposed' to be 'exposed' news of TWSSG that has now been shovelled evwhere...
so *김 감독님 정말 죄송합니다 ~

*김 감독님 정말 죄송합니다 = really sorry PD Kim

bb's back from here aussie trip so its back to 'bae-info days'
youngsun unni was her #2 in her fanmories
i hv my own share of great time with unni n inn..
bb was asking why there's always 3 of us n me calling inn my twin...
hahaha...well i dunno but inn was my very first very close bae-fren...
we do share a lot of *'choum' u may say so i guess thats why we r twin...
why always 3 of us? mmm...why ar? eerr...i dunno la...
if u r reading this unni...do u know why? ^^

*choum (처음) = first time

i was reminded by a sister that someone's bday is not tis weekend so i'll hold my celebration :p

anyway again....i really dunno what im babbling here but its just feels like ages since i last babbled but someone was commenting that i was kinda quiet lately so i just tot i wanna let evbody know that im still alive.

hey..i hv yet to meet my other half so i'll make sure i'll stay alive ^^
oh gosh! im already 30 ! samsoon says a woman should get married at least by 30.
goodness i guess i'll be an old maid la :p

ahh..btw the way...
im still watching over my banchans and im so happy im gonna meet one of them next month..yippee !!!

and oh...anyone of u like kangta? he'll be in town next week. will i be chasing?
well i dunno....ever since he partnered vaness i was like....eeerrrr.....
ok la their songs together are kinda good but im not really fond of vaness lor...
any vaness or F4 fans? sorry ar...

so...so be it ! i gotta go before my temperature rises.

goodnite to u in the nite n good day to u in the day

annyong from an old maid in KL ~


jaime said...

o dear yokee, 'jongmal' sorry to hear that you feel so 'apuda'. You remind me of 'lum doi yoke', so fragile. First the headache, now the cold, 'bo jung' eh!

I went to Korean town this weekend and bought a jar of citreon honey. It's supposed to be rich in Vitamin C and good for the body, have you tried it? It might build up your antibodies, my sis (look Dr. Jaime is busy at work again!).

Ha, you're 30, you're practically the baby in our group! Haven't you heard, for women '30 is like the NEW 20' now. Ha, using this logic, I may be even younger than Yong Joon! That's my optimistic way of looking at things, hehe.

Are you kidding me? any guys will be lucky to have you. Being so warm, funny and carefree, he will have a lifetime of happiness and laughter!

Prince charming might be knocking on your door sooner than you think!

bb said...

yokee... actually my question wasn't quite why there're always three of you... :p

my question was why are you calling three people twins? shouldn't you gals be triplets or something...? hee...

and please lor, age [and weight and big rear ends...] are sensitive topics okay... quite possibly even more sensitive than politics... that one at least we can agree to disagree, just like how it always has been between singapore and malaysia. you're talking to a woman who, according to sam soon, is past her sell-by date liao...

but hehe, before anyone jumps right out to console me, it's all right. i'm okay. haha, guess i believe in waking up with a suitable man every morning, versus waking up with just any one man every morning :)

but if you know where i could find frogs whom upon some kissing will turn into princes, do feel free to drop me an email, okie? i'll even go as far as korea for him, k?

p.s. hope your pain goes away real soon. try melon powder for your ulcer? and gargle salt water in the morning, or something? i wouldn't recommend that silly method of rubbing salt though. never tried that one, won't ever try that one.

p.p.s. jaime, i love that citron thingy! another way to drink that is to mix it with sake, have it cold.... nice!

yokee said...

haha..im laughing with my mouth close..

jaime..i like ur logic of 'women '30 is like the NEW 20'' guess samsoon din know of tis yet lor. well ok maybe i shall remind myself of tis logic evtime im asked about my age n whenever i fill the box 'age'

will u believe me if i tell u ive never 'pak dor' before? hahahahaha

yep ive had that citrus honey before. oh..u know im not a fragile person la. i don get sick easily but when i do its to the max lor. my mom will laugh till she drop if u knows u r comparing me to 'lum doi yoke' hahahaha
btw she might be true when she say that i gonna 'seep jou la' (can u figure tis out?)

yokee said...
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yokee said...

bb...oh i got ur ques wrong eh? aiyo see la..told u my brain shrunked..

ahh but nvm the twins n triplets la hehe

bb ar..bb...if i should see any frog out there jumping hor..i guess i'll take it first lor..unless there's 2 of them so mian hae :p

but seriously..yeah i agree with u that..me too...rather wake up to a suitable man every morning, than waking up to just any one man every morning. n ive been advised it is better to find a man that loves u 120% rather than u loving him 100%.

ps/ melon powder don normally work for me but i put some yday nite n gosh it hurts n i was still tossing around in bed till 1.30am. salt? no i wont take my own life that way. im a person that wanna die peaceful rather than in pain (that is if i hv the choice la). thanks dear ^^

pps/ citrus with sake? hmm..sounds good ^^

marissa said...

yokee, hope cold is cured and mouth sore is shrinking. Whenever I have them I gargle with salt in lukewarm water.

I subscribe to jamie's thinking about 30's being the new 20's. It's the only way to ease my guilt in liking one of the Shinhwa members.

And bb's suggestion of citrus with sake sounds interesting. I'm thinking of trying it tomorrow night.

jaime said...

o dear yokee, you want to 'lor ngo mang'?! How can you think of 'seep jor la'! You still have a long long way from that time. But stay away from the stove anyway just in case your mom gets too eager to marry you away!

How about trying to leave that 'handsome dreamy Korean man' at home when you go out and meet other guys? Comparing to our prince charming, those poor guys 'tung tung mo duck fight'. You have to give them a chance, dear!

mrs a said...

dear Yokee, sorry about your cold sore. They are horrible and make you feel icky.I hope it goes away fast.

BTW - Prince charming is out there. Sometimes you have to uncover the rock to see the diamond.

Just rest up and take it easy. I agree with Jaime, on age. My mind is late 20's - 30 something - it has never changed for some time but my age just keeps moving with time. And I hope it never catches up!

yokee said...


thank u so much for the concern.
tho im still not better with the mouth sore but i know i'll be better..i hope soon..........

i promise i'll be 30 in the new 20 and will keep on to the cycle haha ^^