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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Friday, August 04, 2006

where shall i sit?

ok i think im almost 120% certain to go for shinhwa's concert in spore ^^
hv yet to tell my boss but who cares?
i tell him AFTER i get the tixs bwahahahaha :p

anyway...i finally get to see the seat layout of the stadium

i'll skip the most exp standing area since i don think i can stand together with all the youngsters jumping up n down.
it'll be really *'kan kor' also i know :p

then i don think i wanna be seated behind the standing area.
so that leaves only the dark green area for me.
though i don think i can see their pretty faces from there but at least i can be more *'shue fook' and get to enjoy the whole stage...*'betul tak'? hehehe

so spore sisters who are going...any suggestion?
since its a stadium the seats should go 'slanting upwards' rite?
eerrrr..is tis how u describe it ah?
how far is that green area from the stage? 100m?

*kan kor (hokkien)= san fu (canto) sing ku (mand)....difficult
*shue fook (canto) = comfortable
*betul tak? (malay) = ngam bo? (hokkien) dui ma? (mand)....correct or not?

bwahahahahahahahahaha !!!


jaime said...

dear yokee,

if you don't mind, I have an idea:

now - buy the front row ticket in standing area

7 days before concert - stop taking showers and sweat yourself to hell

the day of the concert - bring the tiniest folding chair you can find and sneak past security

moment the concert starts - nobody will dare to be within 10 feet of your existence

when Shinhwa appears - you can stare at the 6 handsome hunks to your heart's content without nearby deafening screams at the comfort of your own seat

How's that? If you get thrown out by security because of unbearable smell, please take a shower first before coming to get me. (If I had the chance to go to Singapore. I would do the same, sis.) Good luck!

HeippieH said...

Hi Yokee, like your language lessons. More pls. Thx.

As for where you sit, I think in this situation, I would be walking around all the time. I want to see from different angles. Have fun Yokee.

yokee said...

jaime jaime....hahha those idea never cross my mind b4..but if im really THAT desperate i'll keep them in mind ^^

just a while ago..i told my boss that im going for a concert in spore. then i told that there's another one in bkk but that would mean flying out. so i asked him which is better...

u know what im hoping for? hoping that he'll say..'oh how much is bkk? ahh ok i pay for u la!'
BUT...he just kept quiet :p
then out of a sudden i really wanna go thai. checked with tigger n some shinhwa's thai site...

then....so....i think im coming back to square one *boing*

see..i think i'll always be single cos man/men seems to make me go crazy all the time @@~

haha H..glad u ustand my kind of *'rojak/chaplang' talk ^^

*rojak(malay) / chaplang(hokkien) = mixture of evthing

ginnie said...

hahahaahah...yokee. I love you rojak talk..What is your mother tongue actually? I see "Yokee" is a Japanese name..so, you speak Japanese too?

yokee said...


im 120% chinese. how i wish i hv some foreign blood in me but i guess my mom n dad have been good bwahaha what the heck am i babbling about???!

anyway..my mother tongue? eerr...well..we speak canto hokkien mand at home. went to a convent school where both eng n malay is #1.

my name? well its a 'shortened' version of my real name. i just took out an extra 'e' in btw them ^^

japanese? i did know a handful when i was crazy about J drama but now :p

jaime said...

now yokee, don't worry about changing your mind. We women are allowed to do that 100 times a day, it's our privilege!

Ha! your boss is not sponsoring your trip? How can he be so "mo yun ching mai"? I suggest you give him an ultimatum - either send you to Bangkok or you'll blast Shinhwa's songs in the office all day for a month! If he doesn't want to get deaf, he'd better dish out the dough! Yes? No?

yokee said...


his 'yan ching mei' is not easy to used :p

anyway..i had a loooonnnggg talk on the phone with my tigger yday n hv made up my mind. its gonna be SPORE ! ^^

thanks for all the *'siao-ness' with me ^^

*siao (hokkien)= crazy

ginnie said...

@@ whoa...so many languages mixed together? I guess that's how most Msians are...a rojak bunch of people. ha!