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Monday, December 06, 2010

Most exciting week for the year of 2010

I thought having the prospect of working for a total new MNC status company would be the most exciting chapter for the year. (The company I worked for has changed hands from Mr. Sugar King to that of Mr. Gwailos, from being a local listed company to a part of a company on the NYSE)

But, well, I was wrong. Very wrong.

The past one week WAS the MOST exciting and I can warrant it a 120% stamp and to close 2010 with it. There were 2 occasions actually.

First, it was KTO KL’s “Inspiring Korea Night 2010” (IKN10) held on 2nd Dec 2010. Next, was of course KHJ’s TFS Asia Tour to KL on 4th & 5th Dec 2010.

And it was of no help that my company’s annual dinner has to come in between those date on the 3rd. So I was more than a little haywire for the whole of last week thinking of all those preparation I had to do. Ok, not that I need to prepare anything for the company dinner but somehow it will take up my early evening/nite on Friday.

Let me start with the first occasion.

Thursday, 2nd Dec 2010 - KTO KL’s “Inspiring Korea Night 2010” (IKN10)

Our local KTO (Korea Tourism Organisation) KL office had in mid of this year established a club called ‘Saranghaeyo Korea Club’ (SKC) with the purpose of promoting Hallyu in Msia. Recently, with the increasing number of members (+1000) joining the club, KTO has decided to form a Board of Directors to oversee and manage activities and events. So, as a result 2 of our BYJ’s Msia Family (BMF) members, Shien Yin and myself was appointed to the board with 6 others coming from other various fanclubs. BMF is very proud and happy that we have 2 representatives on board and I would have the family to thank to ^^

I was very happy too that there were 16 invitations in all to our BMF members to the wonderful dinner. Then surprisingly, I was announced as one of the 2 ‘Most Inspiring Member’! I wonder how KTO evaluate one to be the most inspiring. One who is most talkative or one who is most talked about?? Anyway, for that I was awarded with a glass ‘trophy’ and a LG touch screen mobile phone!!!

Yayy!!! What a surprise and a great coincidence! My old mobile set was just about to give up on me so imagine my happiness when I got the new phone hehehehe ^^ Oh, on acceptance of the award I was asked to say a few words. Guess what? I said “I only have one person to thank to, Bae Yong Joon!” My goodness ! I wonder what went into my head to have those words coming out of my mouth! Seriously, if KTO have told me earlier that I will be winning that award I would have prepare a more decent thank you speech. So let me right now make a better and proper thank you speech.

“The inspiration comes from BYJ no doubt. But the support is definitely from the family and KTO. Thank you!”

Wait, this is not all, at least not for BMF. Among the raffles draw prizes for the night (return air tickets to Korea, Ginseng Products, LG Microwave Oven, Wonder Girls Concert, Gopeng Resort Full Package and TheFaceShop hampers) 3 of our members won 1 return ticket to Korea, 2 LG M/Oven and a pair of WG tickets! Can you imagine the noise that these ajummas can make in the hall of about 300 guests?? Even with the presence of the big bosses of the Korean organisations we couldn’t hold back our excitement and be lady-like. Haha..it was really a night to remember for us BMF ^^

Photos courtesy of Jenny Chee’s FB.

Stage of the night

SKC B.O.D. (The thorn among roses is Mr.Yun JaeJin, MD of KTO for Msia, Brunei & Phillipines)
Sohpia Ridza, our SKC spokesperson. She was one of KBS’s Chit Chat with Beautiful Ladies.

Family photo

Next, now this will be on KHJ so I better do this in a separate post else the posting is gonna be so long winded.



bb said...

haha, talk about coincidences! i was never on JF's committee and never really got myself involved with KTO stuff.... but as you know, i blog ^^

and the singapore KTO has a saranghaeyo korean club equivalent called WAH! KOREA CLUB and i signed up... and ended up wrapping up the year 2010 as the 2nd runner up as TOP SCORER in the club of supporters whom they think will spread the korean culture further... so hehe, high five!

yokee 요키 said...

wahhh, somehow or rather one way or the other we'll end up in the same game. hahaha..

*returning bb's high five* *high five*