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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Family gathering with KHJ???

These may be some of the questions you may ask of me:
Are working for TFS?
Are you a KHJ fan?
If not then why are you doing all these?

My answer to all of the above, Bae Yong Joon.

It was because of YJ that I got acquainted with TFS. So when news broke that they would be bringing KHJ, I volunteered to help them with the fans portion. Why? Mostly because HJ has become part of our Bae family so somehow I feel I’m supposed to do something to help one way or the other.

And the thing about KHJ, well, ok I do like him la… I think I’ve watched all of his TV works and listened enough of SS501 to know and actually talked about these boys. Ok, HJ is the one I like most among them I admit. I think it’s difficult not to right? Even so, I didn’t want to call myself a fan. Why? Well, it’s a tiring task you know :p

When YJ, I mean Keyeast decided to sign him on I was elated. It was like YJ has heard our voices calling for him to get him on board haha..but this is another story to be told :p

Oh, I’ve deviated. Ok, so anyway, I was ‘in-charged’ of bringing in the fans for the event.

So for the first time ever, I had to go searching and calling up people I don’t know and who don’t know me. First the 2 local FCs representatives, Rachel and Tyra. Then it was to BB in Singapore who after much thought decided not to come herself but instead helped arranged for the others from Taiwan and Korea(PERFECT) to join us. You have no idea how tough a decision it was for me to help these fans to get them their TFS products in order for them to take their chances at the lucky draw for HJ’s autograph. I had to rang up to a total of 20 over receipts for 2 different types of purchases without a shopping list from the purchasers themselves..haha ladies, I hope those products I’ve chose suits your needs ^^

Oh Thailand. Yeah Thai fans did cross my mind and first thing I did was to call my Bae sister in Bangkok to ask if she knows of any HJ or TripleS fans in Thailand. None. So, my apologies to those Thai fans who came all the way. Perhaps I’ll advise the local FCs to get in touch with all of you for future communication. ^^

Soon, finally as the day draws nearer, and when my passes have all been given out, my dear sister BB called to ask for additional passes. Haha, seemed like some gals just got itchy and decided to fly in with him to KL. Yeah I know how it feels. Anyway, in the end I managed to get them all in ^^

Hmm.. I’m supposed to talk about family gathering and look now where I’ve gone to :p

Ok so, like all Bae sisters around the world, each time when one from country A visits the other in country B, they will always arrange for a meet up and the host will play host and the guest will play guest. And I believe, ever since I’ve become part of the Bae family in 2002, this hospitality has never fail. Wherever you go, there will be someone there you can call ‘family’. What do we do then? Well besides the usual eat and ‘play’, we talk. Trust me, we really TALK.

This time, my guests coming in aren’t any Bae family so what is there to talk about? Haha..KHJ
Even though I am only meeting all, yeah ALL, of them for the first time, (there’s a lot of ‘first time’ with BYJ so we Bae family are used to it ^^) I can somehow feel some closeness with all of them. Probably maybe it’s because I consider HJ as part of the family hence all of his fans are also family.

The Taiwanese fans, Ya-Chih and Chia-Ling were the first 2 I met on Friday night with Emily. Then the 3 PERFECTs from Korea and finally the others from Singapore. I was glad that our local TSMY gals got a chance to get to know all of the others because chances like these are really rare in Malaysia. Dinner on Saturday after the fans session was a merry in the making even though the 20 of us had to sit in 4 separate tables.

To me, it was all fun and I really really enjoyed myself. Talking, chatting and laughing about HJ. The gals sharing their experiences with HJ, their first time with HJ, their special moments…many more.
Gives me the ‘yesterday once more’ feel during my hey-days of BYJ chasing. You may have people not understanding how you feel but trust me, I know exactly how you feel..hehe.. I enjoyed the late night talks we had especially with Ya-Chih’s story. The one I like best was when she told me how she planned to see HJ off at the airport but woke up late that morning. She had to rush to the airport and keep praying “I will see him, I will see him, I will see him..” and when she got to the airport, she was relieved. HJ too was late for his flight. Isn’t it just amazing how some fans really have the kind of fate with their idols?? Call it coincidence if you want but to many even myself, it is really fate 인연   
pic courtesy of TFS Msia (KHJ & Mr.Bodyguard^^)

Gals thank you to all of you for your participation. I really was worried of the reception HJ will get here in Malaysia. Now that he’s smiling all the way home, me too am smiling ^^)
To my Bae sisters wherever you are, be sure to recharge and brace yourself for the new wave coming soon !
Our dear BYJ is BACK !!!


bb said...

you know i'd tweeted that i think bae fans are different? i feel much closer to baefans and i feel that baefans are very genuine, sharing, generous...

and i totally agree with what you said about how no matter which country we travel to, so long as there's a bae sister in town and she knows we're there, she will make an effort.

it's not that KHJ fans are bad people, don't get me wrong, but they don't go all the way like we bae sisters will do for one another.

something a korean fan (style-nim) said many year ago has sorta etched itself in my mind... the first time i met her, she told me that we're in seoul as YJ's guests, and if we're his guests, we're her guests too.

somehow those words stuck and i started to practise the same. i believe the korean fans had inculcated this sharing philosophy in many of us... that's why no matter where we came from, japan, singapore, malaysia, thailand... we all took turns to take care of one another when a bae sister came to our city.

i love the bae fandom for the bae bond amongst the fans... i guess for alot of us, this is also what has held us together, since our man is so low key and low profile, and his productivity is so low too! 14 works in 16 years... aigoo...!!

but with my LKHJ fansite, i hope to be able to spread the bae kind of fandom... i think this is really something very special...

anyway, sorry for taking up so much space here... want to add that i should have helped with the thai fans, coz i know the hyuniversal people. we were even in seoul together back in june, and i had helped them with the TFS passes in SG. mianeyo, thai fans if you're reading this... i didn't know you were going KL, else i could have hooked you up with yokee ^^

sha filan said...

it's my first time here...as BB tweeted this link, so just dropped by to see what's new and gotta know more about bae fans.
i'm from Malaysia and happen to meet thailand fans who actually from kimhyunjoongthailand.com,and we tried as much as we could to help them comfartable with the fanmmet last week. So, no worries guys and like BB said Bae fans are really wonderful in helping all fans around the globe if there's any chance to help. i hope HJL fans also will learn something from positive side of Bae's. A good deed should be followed right? hehe..
so huge thanks for your help in behalf of HJL's fan...really! and thank BB for tweeting this links...so that now i realiase another people presence in the fandom world. i also always believe the fandam is not about between the fans and the star only but also involve the fans and the fans in order to be united supporting their star altogether....^^

June said...

Hi Yokee,
I'm June, one of those who caught the itch and had to appeal for your help through bb at the eleventh hour :p
Mianhae... for I never really had a chance to thank you properly during the KL trip
But please know that I really appreicate your help and hospitality during the short trip
You've really made me feel welcomed and at ease with your warmth and kindness
The bae fandom, with its legions of amazing fans such as you and bb, is indeed an inspiration to many
Surely, both the KHJ fandom and LKHJ can learn from the bae fandom
Just like wuri HJ is learning from his hyung BYJ :)
Once again... Kamsahamnida!

sha filan said...

Hi there, June!!
sorry to interrupt..but..is it u with ah-girl in kl? the one who took my picture with hern and moleqre? i mean in the fanmeeting site at Pavilion??

yokee 요키 said...


u made me feel like writing another one on our fandom thingy..haha but i remember i did say something or the sort long time ago..i dunno let me check.

you are so right about the sharing and the caring especially during my 'inaugural' bae trip to seoul. believe me if its only YJ alone. i dont think i'll still be here writing this at this very moment.

'man-seh' to all of us !!

ps: ok lets see if my hands are itchy enough to blog another one heh..

yokee 요키 said...

hi shafilan,

nice to meet u. i know u r a msian (i do check on LKHJ from time to time^^) good to know that the thai fans were 'taken good care of'.

hope you too got to know some of the fans from the 2 local fanclubs here ^^

yokee 요키 said...

hi June,

now, let me be very frank. which one is you ah? pardon me but i tend to be really mixed up with names and faces during those hype. so pls forgive me :p

nevermind the 'thank me properly' part bcos these things happen ALL the time. so no prob.

and thanks to you too !

June said...

Hi Shafila,

Hee.. how did you guess?

Yep, I was the one with ah girl after the KL fan meeting and took your picture with her & moleqre ^^

Unfortunately, we're not able to linger cos it's taken us longer than expected to take down the banner and many others were waiting for us outside the barricades :P

Always nice to meet fellow starlings like you & moleqre :)

Hope the photo turned out right ~~^^

Hi Yokee,

Not worries for I'm sure you've seen countless of unfamiliar faces during those 2 days ^^

And it's probably poor manners on my part for I might have forgotten to introduce myself to you... and many others along the way ><

I was one of the culprits who kept you from your beauty sleep on Saturday, together with Emily and ah girl :P

Pai seh... hope you had enough rest ~~^^

June said...


Mianhae Shafilan..
For I've missed the last alphabet from your name in my ealier post
Totally unintentional ><

That's what happened when one doesn't make use of the preview... haiz...

sha filan said...

yokiee: u did?? hehe i also hope of everything will be ok...hehe so nice to know u here...=)

June: it's ok with the name..small matter...yes..we havent have enough time to mingle...but it's ok...i saw already that you usch a friendly person! ^^....wish to catch all of u again in future..hehe