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Monday, December 06, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong The Faceshop Asia Tour – Malaysia 4th-5th Dec 2010

pic courtesy of TFS Msia

Now, how and where should I begin???

Ok, the weather. Today’s weather. Now as I begin writing this, it’s raining cats and dogs outside. I can’t even see the building across the road so you can imagine how heavy it is. It has been rainy for the past 2 weeks practically every single day running up to the event. So, those of us who were involved directly or indirectly to this event were praying hard for it not to rain at least on the big day itself last Saturday especially because it will be an outdoor event. Eventually, it really did not rain on all 3 days when he was here except for some drizzle intervals on Saturday but just before HJ arrived on location the drizzle stopped. It didn’t rain on Sunday too. It was only today, Monday that the rain came back in max volume. Looks like even the one up there likes HJ very much ^^

Again, where should I begin? But first, let me warn you. This is gonna be a very wordy write up because believe it or not, even though I was carrying my camera in my bag, I did not take it out even once for a shot. So I’m sorry I don’t have pictures to share but I’m sure you would have saw many pics posted everywhere right? Mian~

Let’s see.. ok. Friday night 3rd Dec.

I wasn’t able to welcome HJ at the airport due to the dinner I had to attend. Throughout the night I kept looking at my watch that my colleagues were asking if there’s anything wrong with me and I didn’t want to leave the dinner early before all lucky draw prizes have been given out hahaha..this is the only thing everybody look forward to during every company dinner right? So how can I leave? Cheapskate huh? Haha :p

But I was supposed to meet up with the overseas fans at the hotel and I was afraid to make them wait. Finally, dinner ended and I got to the hotel at about midnight. Met up first with the Taiwanese fans and then the Singapore rep.

Saturday 4th Dec

It was drizzling early in the morning and I was already getting worried. At that moment I was really singing ‘rain rain go away come again another day’. Drove to pick up SY before heading to the hotel for the press conference (PC). Yup, KHJ was staying at Ritz Carlton Residence. Nice place!

While we were waiting for our little brother to come, I had the opportunity to chat with Mr.Shin/SP Shin, the bodyguard. For those who may not know, SP Shin is YJ’s ‘usual bodyguard’ who has been with him for quite some time now. And this time round he came with HJ.

Unni, I really don’t know if he knows me but when I told him ‘Baetomisa’ he smiled and said “ahhhh..” ^^ I passed him our Baeto’s messages to HJ and also the present for Yang’s daughter. Now, that I remember, I wonder who will pass it to Yang? Shin or will HJ bring it back with him? Oh, I’m so stupid. How can Shin pass them to Yang when he’s not Keyeast??? Oh someone please shoot me!

Ok well anyways.

HJ was a little late coming in for the PC. He looked really tired and not really smiley in the beginning. But soon he was ok but still you can tell that this little brother didn’t seem to have slept well and wasn’t really feeling good. I was thinking he may be worried or something may have been bugging him that he couldn’t sleep well. Was he worried about the small fans turnout at the airport on arrival? Hence, how many will be there at the fans session later? I don’t know but these seemed to be bugging me too because I always believe that fans presence is something very important to an artiste.

After the PC, we went down to Pavilion. And my oh my….I was glad to see the crowd before my eyes.
It was only about 1pm and yet many people were already in line. And the participating fans were the first in line. Oh, they were such good gals ^^ During the registration, I was approached by some Thai fans which I now know were supposed to be from Hyuniversal.
(Gals, please help me tell them that I am very sorry that I couldn’t do anything at such last moment due to the quota given to me by TFS. I saw some of the photos taken by them and I hope wherever they were taken from the gals didn’t have much difficulties because the crowd beyond the barrier were really scary, more on this later)

Soon, as time near, the crowd got bigger and bigger. You know it was really fun doing all this like helping the gals put up their banners and balloons and oh yeah the pretty bouquet from KHJ Perfect too. I am sure he saw all of them and we have arranged for the bouquet to be brought back to his room after the event that day. I later told the good looking bodyguard that the bouquet was actually from the Perfect fans who came and he was very surprised and said he will make sure for it to be placed in HJ’s room ^^

Oh, let me digress a little to the good looking bodyguard hahahaha..
According to the list of the names I got and if there’s no last minutes changes to it, this good looking fella should be Mr. Jeong. I noticed that he was the one always standing by HJ throughout the whole tour except that I don’t seem to see him with the team on arrival at Incheon today. He was also a nice guy and yeah a very good looking one too. Gals, I bet most of you who saw him think so too right?

Anyway, after the fans session on Saturday and back at the hotel, he suddenly came down to the lobby and walked towards us who were waiting with the bunch of gifts. (Fans were not allowed to present their gifts during the event so I asked them to bring them to the hotel) I told the good looking bodyguard that all these were presents plus snacks from the fans to both HJ and staff. As usual he said thank you and all and said will arrange for all to be sent to the room. Then SY said we should ask him for a photo. So I did but he said ‘No’ then I said ‘you are very good looking’ he smiled. After some brief chat he said his thank you again and went back up. So there you have it. But come to think of it, I think he’s quite new because I don’t think I’ve seen him before anywhere. Next time, must tell KE and Shin to recruit him as well. Hahahahaha. Ok end of good looking bodyguard story :p

Oh dear, let me get back to the event. So, the crowd got bigger and soon everyone who has been waiting in line hours ago was allowed to get in the barricaded area zones by zones. The frontliners (after the media) were of course the fans ^^

Then Shin arrived on site earlier as always to check out the place. As soon as he got there he noticed that fans on the outside of the barricaded area on the left were pushing their way forward and immediately spoke of his concern. You know, Shin can be seen as quite a serious guy but actually he’s really friendly. Haha and I’m glad he can understand my bad Korean. It was fun chatting with him. Because he knows who I am he said that ‘oh, YJ’s going to Japan will you be going too?’ and when we were telling him that we were worried about the rain, he said ‘oh no worries, we can use this’ showing me the umbrella he was holding in his hand and then had it open and held it over our heads. So cute huh?

Slightly, before 5pm, HJ arrived. As soon as he step down the car and walked on stage, I could actually see that he was really happy seeing the number of people in front of him. He said that in his hello speech too right? And he too sensed the ‘danger’ for the fans on the left side of the stage just like Shin had said earlier. Believe me, everyone was really excited to see the real Kim Hyun Joong and concerts aside I don’t think there is any other Korean artiste who is able to have such a big gathering of fans in one single venue in one single day in Malaysia ever before. Were there any???

Soon, after all the formalities, he sat down and got the sign session started. He was to sign for 210 lucky draw winners. In the beginning, everything was on a normal speed, fans were allowed to go in group of ten up the stage. Soon, sensing something not right, Shin came down from the stage and went to the left side of the compound and tried to calm the fans down as they were pushing even further in front which was really dangerous. Shin saw some ladies who were sardined in front and asked if they were ok. Actually both him and the good looking fella came round a few times asking for restrain. And I presumed this is one of the reason why things were then speed up. We were then asked to let more people in and to make the line move faster. Due to safety, they had to get things over and done with fast. In the end everything was over in just short of an hour. So it wasn’t because the bodyguards or his managers were strict in not letting him shake hands and receive gifts but they were concerned of the public safety.

After the event at about 6 plus we walked back to the hotel to get the gifts issue settled which was what I’ve already wrote, with the good looking bodyguard. Then we waited around and soon it was time for him to go for dinner. He was singing and walking out of the lobby when he saw SY and I standing by the main entrance, he turned smiled and nodded in acknowledgement at us. Suddenly, missing a step, he tripped a little, and everyone went ‘omo omo oh oh oh’ haha it was quite funny then but of course he didn’t fall and even greeted more fans as he got into the car. Let me tell you, he was looking really really happy.

Unni, that look and smile he gave SY and I was like as though he has read our messages in Baeto and that he knew that it was us. Hahaha..

And this was the last I saw of him on Saturday.

Lastly, on Sunday morning again we waited for him at the same place again, yes by the main entrance, and when he came, again he nodded and smiled at us before he walked into the car and off to Pavilion for the first outlet visit. We too got over to Pavilion but because of the crowd we only watched from far. SY and I decided to end out KHJ chase at Pavilion as we did not want to travel to the other outlet which will be more than 30 mins away by car.

We had brunch before getting back to the hotel at about 1 plus and we saw that he was already back at the hotel. We wanted to meet Shin again and ask him for a pic so we stuck around but after some time we decided to put an end to our crazy star-chasing outing. Shin was no where to be seen and so we went home.

So, there you have it. and if you read every single word i have wrote, I did not at any time get up close and personal with him. Of course i wished i have that chance but well that didn't happen.

Sigh...but anyhow I had fun throughout. You'll know why when I write my next final part about meeting with the fans ^^
Oh my, this is 3 full pages. Hope you were not bored :p


bb said...

haha, it's been a loooooooooong while since you wrote anything this long!

i enjoyed every word ^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you yokee so very much for sharing.
Really enjoyable read! You write very well.
Waiting to read the next part.
Glad that you had a great time with him.


yokee 요키 said...


yeah thats bcos nothing much has been happening and our dear man is of no help either being so low key.

thanks !

yokee 요키 said...

hello lynne,

nice to meet you ^^
thanks for the compliment but i really seldom write like that and most of the time i 'talk' hahaha..
'next part'? well i've already finished and posted the next part.
u may check out my blog from the 'main page' http://absolutelybyj.blogspot.com

thanks again !

Anonymous said...

Hi hi yokee!
Wow you are super friendly!
Thank you! Oh me from Ipoh your fellow countryman ...kekeke


yokee 요키 said...

ahh ipoh mali huh?
well i spent my school days back in ipoh too..hehe ^^