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Saturday, November 13, 2010

BMF Gathering Of The Year 2010


it really has been a while since i last arranged such a 'big' gathering.

but first, i would like to express my gratitude to ALL of you who came to today's meet-up. i really really appreciate it that we are all still ONE and still 'faithful' to YJ, ok though some of us might have a little 'affair' here and there BUT yet i am sure you came because somehow you are still BYJ.

the arrangement was not really all that 'smooth-going' because 3 days before reservation to our initial gathering venue was cancelled !! restaurant said they are relocating hence they will be close. oh dear ! how can this happened??? so anyhow we ended up with this buffet lunch thingy hehe..

this is our door gifts. many of which are my collection..sob sob....KTO's and TFS's gifts ^^

well, it all started with the usual 'Hi' 'Hello' 'Long time no see, how are you?' stuff and those long time chat and then eat eat and eat. And since this lunch were buffet styled you can imagine the amount of food consumed. (hey, now that i remembered, i didn't even had time to try their dessert/ice cream/fruits/teppanyaki and oh my not even...oh...)

ok, i was busy and ok i supposed i can loose a little fat then :p

apart from all this, in order to get all our sisters' brains to work, i had them played some games..hehe...

first, i gave them a Q&A quiz with 20 questions about both BYJ and Korea/Korean related stuff. my~ this seemed to really get them working and suddenly our area became sooooo quiet when everyone concentrated on answering the questions. believe me, you'll loved to see that moment..haha.. we had 3 prizes for 3 winners to this game. first prize included an original copy of BYJ's 2008 autograph for BMF and the winner was Clara Sia !

next was a game played in a pair of 2 person. prior to the game, each pair were given time to read through a 'kimchi making' recipe. among the set of questions given, one question posted will ask to provide the basic ingredients involved and list basic steps of making kimchi. one particular must have been so really excited that they left out the most basic ingredient needed. CABBAGE !!!!! sister, how can you make kimchi without cabbage??

and then, there was this question where i cropped out mouth of both Jowon & King Damduk and ask them to identify who's mouth belongs to whom. can you identify them yourself??

this part game was won by JennyT and ShienYin ^^ and their prize include 2 wonderful hampers contributed by The Face Shop.

oh, yeah lucky draw ! something which is loved by all because they dont need to answer anything :p easy huh? well, i didnt really made easy though. we had 2 rounds of draw. one easy, where each one were asked to draw a number from 1-20. prizes were only given to those who drew 8, 2, 9 & 7. do you know why? ^^

then 2nd round of draw. one lucky draw which even i myself had to participate due to the prizes involved. prizes for this were contributed by Rosie from Japan and when i showed the goodies one by one, everyone were going...'oooohhh' and 'wahhhhh'...

this time i went to get 20 cups of ginseng hot tea and each cup was numbered from 1-20. these cups were placed randomly and mixed about. really, when i was filling the tea i had no idea what number each cup was. i did not peak !

i splitted rosie's goodies into 10 sets and had them numbered the night before, numbers were randomly picked from 1-20. so, everyone was asked to pick their own cup of tea without knowing that there were number at the bottom of the cup..hehe...and i made myself the last to pick so see, i did not cheat :p

after drinking, they were asked to check for their number at the bottom of the cup and those whose number matched those on the japan goodies gets it ! my number was 13 and i got the TWSSG perfume !!!!!!! hehehehe..hey remember...all of you ladies were given the chance to choose your own cup before me ok? :p

btw, this is our BMF 2011 Calendar. we still have stock so anyone who's interested pls email us byjmalaysia@gmail.com

i hope all of you had fun playing the games and draws. they weren't too difficult right? :)

our family photo ^^

there were 19 of us today with, i would like to welcome back our dear Christine Khoo who had previously gone MIA. i was so glad when she told me that she's coming.

christine, thanks for coming back to BYJ !!!

next, i would like to say welcome to Sabrina (can i call you sabrina? ^^) our newest member to the family.

my utmost gratitude to KTO and The Face Shop Msia for their neverending support to our family. you will always be a part of our family !

last but not least, to our dear BYJ. thanks for his wishes and autograph and for always acknowledging us Malaysia family.

once again, today's gathering will not happened without all of you. if there were any wrongdoing from my part, my apologies.

kamsahamnida !!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yokee,

Thanks for your efforts and for making today happen, despite having to go back to school again - quizzing us about BYJ, Korea and culture.;) I had FUN, no worries ;).

BYJ ssi,
Although, you have been extremely QUIET, our necks have grown as long as giraffes,waiting and waiting to hear and see glimpses of you. It is YOU who have made this possible.

Without BYJ, there will be NO BYJ Family. And I would not have met so many lovely sisters across the globe. You have also opened my eyes to a lovely new country, her people and culture.

Kamsa Hamnida.

Take care and goodnight.


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