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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Friday, October 29, 2010

thought of the day. BYJ?

just when i thought i would just lie low and be quiet forever....

i supposed its a case of 'once a priest, always a priest' !

who would have thought that the ever so 'slow moving' korean wave here in malaysia is still surviving despite the almost non-publicity of the, i would say, trend of the century?


yeah, it's true that we are really getting more and more share of the act here, the number of korean restaurants mushrooming, k-dramas on tv (never mind the dubbed versions :p) and even the growth of korean language classes in town.


i do not know. perhaps i shouldn't even make any comparison with our neighboring countries where they are already experiencing double or maybe triple amount of what i've mentioned above. right? no?

i supposed its not anyone's fault and i do know the kind of 'constraint' and limitation AND DIFFICULTIES involved especially when it comes to k-entertainment matters.

where am i getting to with this? i do not know. ha.

recently, i've been 'active again' or 'reactivated' with BYJ stuff.
the family is still 'breathing' of course. in fact, we'll be having a family gathering mid next month and this time we have even created our very own BYJ calendar ^^

ironically, just when i wanted to ask myself again why i am still going through all the trouble and still bother to do something for someone who do not even know me (many of my close friends do question my sanity with regards to this issue..heh), 3 days ago i received an email from KTO KL inviting fanclubs to an interview by a Korean journalist from Chosun Ilbo. 

so what should i do?

believe me, the first thought that came to my mind was "i'll give this a pass. it's just another korean wave survey." the moment i click away from that mail, the word 'GUILT' came hovering over my head and the next thing you know, i'm typing away here and there checking with xiaoyi on our 'family history'.

we dig and dug and finally came out with something which we'll be making it available for the interview later. (today 29 oct 2010)


i would say "Yes. Absolutely!"

during the course of updating our family chronologies, i realised how 'active' we actually are though we have been 'inactive' at the same time. does this mean we have not gone into hibernation mode?

yesterday night, as i was rummaging through my BYJ stuff, i found something that surprised even myself. a self-penned poem for BYJ which i've written during my early and hey days of BYJ in 2002. yeah u read it correctly two.zero.zero.two.

the card was designed with 2 very nice pictures of him and i even had the card laminated nicely. then i started reading the many words scribed. *goosebumps* how can i ever write such thing to a man who do not know me??? he REALLY do not know me that time 8 years ago, okay. am i nuts???

will i ever do or write something like that again? "NO"
see? this is why and it is true when i say that there have been many 'first time' and many 'only and absolutely for BYJ' with the man.

have you also been there done that?

anyhow seriously, at this very moment, i am still absolutely BYJ.
i do have my fair share of 'kimchi affairs' here and there, now and then, but this shows that i am not crazy and am 120% SANE.

this 'absolutely BYJ' thingy has evolved into something even more than just star-gazing.

i love my family
i am looking forward to finding someone whom i can call 'hubby' and he does not have to be a korean
(see? told ya im perfectly normal :p)
i have a job
i have good money to spend

most importantly, i am happy !

so enjoy life and keep smiling ^.* /

ps: ladies, make sure you make it to our gathering this time round. trust me, you will be as happy as can be...hehehehe...


jenny Chee said...

Hi Yokee

All the best to u and those who will be going for the interview today. Pls make our BMF proud and a day to be remember forever . Hope to hear good news from u all. Kamsa hamnida onnies . Sarang Haeyo


Jenny Chee

Mikino said...

Thanks for this post dear yokee 요키!
From very long time I follow the news and everything related to him! I also wrote poetry about him because I love Him like a human, except as an actor and this post caused me a lot of emotions!
Love, Mikino

Anonymous said...

Hi! just to let you know there are a number of byj fans here...yeah...
some since five years ago... me...just a new recruit, just a few months back, after watching Winter Sonata ! then, Papa, April Snow, Hotelier. Now, I'm watching
The Legend... next, I'll watch,
Did we really love? I framed byj's pictur...it's in my table in my room and office...such an inspiration! a wonder to behold ! haaaay !

Abigael Bonifacio, Philippines

yokee 요키 said...

hi mikino san,

thanks for the words..
may those emotions also brings u good memories !
he sure is an exceptional person ^^/

yokee 요키 said...

hi Abigael,

yeah sure i know of his popularity in the phillipines too. i do know a sis or two there ^^

oh 'have we really loved?/did we really love?' Kang Jaeho ! yes u must watch ! he's the best and my fav !