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Monday, May 12, 2008

We are 5 because of you...YJ

had been wondering how i should actually start writing about the gathering we had last sunday.
i did upload all the pics to my pc once i got home but i just couldnt get my brain to edit the photos or even start rewinding the day's happening.

ok ok..i admit...im just plain lazy la ! mian~

anyway the day was........
we started, or rather, I started very early on that very day.
its NOT normal for me to wake up at 7am on a sunday morning :p

went to pick up the food from the market, came home got ready n im off to jennyT's house.

got to jenny's hse half an hour earlier, i was hoping to catch her off guard,
who knows she maybe just about to just 'kick' that last strand of hair under the sofa..hahahaha
but too bad. she was well prepared. she has even prepared some korean tea using her VERY precious set of korean teacups, which she kept reminding us how expensive it is, to welcome us. hahahaha.

ahh, told u since im visiting jenny at her new house for the first time, i bought her some toilet rolls and a bag of detergent. ^^
after some arrangment, we waited for the other sisters to arrive then we are ready to start.actually can't say its a 'start' start cause since we dont really have a specific itinerary..ahh! anyway..we just started la..
so, here's our goodies bag to welcome everyone. KTO provided us some of the souvenirs n i really like the new Korea Sparkling bag ^^

these are some of our prizes for the day's games.
somehow, the same thing always happens at our gathering.
each time there's a new single member joining us, she will be the one who will win big.
it has happened quite a few times and this time the winning baebie was Marilyn.
congrats marilyn !

and here...u may wonder what are these ajummas doing.

u know, before knowing YJ, i never knew that even ajummas are so interested in photography.
see? rosalind was so engrossed that she even needed to stand apart on 2 chairs for that shot!
what was it that made them so excited?....
wait...i'll show u later....

but first...here's our lunch. since we don't have many ppl we decided to just go simple on the food and yet we had so much leftovers. so most of us gotta 'ta-pau' (take-away).

food from top : curry chicken with potatoes, kuih ketayap (malay dessert: coconut wrapped in pandan flavoured rice flour 'skin'), fried meehoon (wasn't suppposed to be spicy but the lady forgot-mian~), rendang daging (spicy malay beef) and bull's eye eggs.
at the bottom there's a walnut cake made by one of the malay sisters.

btw i only had one piece of the walnut cake because i was sooo full.
the cake was really nice.
so...yati, next gathering buat lagi ye? ^^
and then, those stuff on the left...hehe..dang dang dang...

its our birthday jelly cake!

but first we had to move our bday cake out to the living room to get a better 'position' haha..see?

nice or not?

bb was saying she didn't know that our logo was blue apple. well, it has been since 2006. it was designed by one of our sisters who very seldom join us due to her work.

dida, thanks again for the design and next time make sure no more clashes with ur work..ok?

oh, why the blue apple? well, if you call urself part of the Bae family, u should know.

see the smaller jellies at the side? those are take-away for evone.
i dunno if evone like the taste of the jellies but i myself kinda like it. the blue apple has got pandan flavor while the smaller ones were coffee flavoured.

then, it was family photo time..click click...

but wait !
i forgot something really important. how can i even forget such an important thing???

it's our dear YJ's autograph to the family.
suddenly, evone got so excited. for a moment i was afraid that it might get torn or something. well, u can't blame them cause this was the VERY FIRST TIME that we, BMF, ever got an OFFICIAL autograph from BYJ.

after a while, evone calmed down. the next thing u know, ajumma photographers in action again.

seriously, you cannot imagine how happy evone was to finally receive such an 'honour' to have an autograph by the man himself to the family. and the fact that he actually wrote in malay surprises evone.

YJ, we at BMF are really so thankful to you !

JennyT our hostess of the day. forever our model-wannabe. she's the one who refused, i repeat, REFUSED to hug YJ when she went on stage in spore back in 2003.
evone who went up hugged him except her ! can u believe that?????
i remembered YJ looking confused too as she kept her distance. bwahahahahahahahahahaha !!!

i wonder if she'll do it if given a second chance. bcos she said that she hugs only her own hubby wor... :p

ok, so after all the fuss, we got together again for the family photo.

this time, its a real family photo together with YJ....in signature~

finally after all these so called 'customary' bae-routine. we settled down.

we watched his clips, twssg, asian tour, CFs, etc.
we chat, we talked, we laughed, we swooned our the man..on tv.
its really amazing how this man, i dunno about you, but to me, can still mesmerised me like the very first time i saw him in Winter Sonata back in 2002.
oh~ he's really absolutely so BYJ !

ooppss...ok ok sorry back to the gathering first...
after spending some 3 hours of BYJ+gossips talk, we decided to call it a day.

we helped jenny to clean a little before leaving n made sure evthing's in its order before we came in. hahhaha...

before i say my thanks, let me just show u what was inside our goodies bag.

all the above was sponsored by KTO except the AS folder, Keychain and of cos his autographed photo ^^


my foremost thanks to YJ for his time taken to sign the autograph for us.
애메리씨 도음 많이 주셨어서 진심으로 감사드립니다.

thank you unni for your help in buying the stuff !

thank you to JennyT for letting us use her place.

thank you to KTO who sponsored us those lovely gifts. looking at those brochure makes me wanna go korea again !

last but not least...

thank you so much to all of you who attended.
honestly, it is me who need to thank all of you who came. because without you, i myself alone cannot make things happen. "it takes two to tango" so give urself a pat on the back too.

till we meet again...take care !

ps : remember to tune in to TWSSG on Astro ShuangXin 10.30pm from June 30th 2008


bb said...

i was totally surprised by his malay greeting too. wonder who taught him to write that? anyway, is it apa kapar or apa khapar? i thought it's without the 'h'... but anyway, the pronunciation's pretty much the same :p

and... hehe, the same thing happens at our gatherings, the ladies will always climb here, walk there, stoop wherever just to take a good shot :p

and i like that malay dessert thingy!! and when you say bull's eye eggs, you're referring to those sunny-side-up's? haha, i kept searching the photo for something that looked like either eyes or caviar, wakaka!

xiaoyi said...

Dear yokee, thanks for the post. Gosh! My hair looks so messy..ha ha, i've been sitting in front of the fan for too long!
Anyway, thanks for everything!
Love, xiaoyi

jaime said...

Hi Hi yokee,

Long time no talk, thanks for sharing your Malaysian family gathering with us.

Hehe, the blue apple B-day cake looked absolutely adorable. Now that must be one difficult cake to make? Wow, KTO is so cool, I remember JF used KTO office last time for the gathering too. Looks like xiaoyi, you and the Malaysian sisters had a great time :)

Congratulations on the 5th anniversary of BMF and his very autographed picture too!

love .... jaime

vegasbyj said...

I just came from Xiaoyi's blog and I'm so excited to read about BMF's 5th birthday celebration.

Looks like a great time was had by all of you! The food, the goodies, the friendships - *sigh*.

Wishing all of you many many more years of BYJ and family.

thanks for sharing!!

vegasbyj said...

I just came from Xiaoyi's blog and I'm so excited to read about BMF's 5th birthday celebration.

Looks like a great time was had by all of you! The food, the goodies, the friendships and of course his autographed picture. Sweet!!!

Wishing all of you many many more years of BYJ and family.

thanks for sharing!!

yokee 요키 said...

hello hello ladies..

im sure any bae fan would enjoy a bae gathering ^^

thanks for dropping by !

M said...

Dear Malay family,
You all look great and happy. And the cake is very impressive and looks yummy also. I am so happy for you getting the card signed by him.
What I like most is the items in your goodie bags. I collect BYJ accessories too. Well... I have to take time to go shopping when I visit Malaysia...

tiffany said...

Hi Yokee...

Congratulations too! Err...not sure why both our club started in May...but I always thought yours was a little later than us. Hehe!

Your door gift looks great...haha! And the food delicious too...especially the curry chicken. Yummy.

And it's great that he sent an autographed photo to you all as well. It's simple things like that makes everyone happy isn't it?

We're still finalising our gathering. Am afraid we need a little more co-ordination...hopefully I won't loose too much hair by end of the end of the month. ^^