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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

TWSSG On Malaysian TV !!!

finally finally finally...

spoke to 3 person today that finally confirmed to me that..
"Yes ! BYJ's The Legend (TWSSG) will be on air on Malaysian TV !"

yes ! yes ! yes !

i almost wanted to jump for joy. but i had a little too much to do at work today to do that..hehe..
i was quite dissappointed when a previous local distributor told me that they had to 'let go' of getting the copyrights for the drama due to the $$. but when i heard spore will get their 'share' of the pie later this month, i knew i had to do something.
so today, it's confirmed that we will also be able to watch it on TV !

though it'll be on pay TV and will on air late next month, it's definitely better than nothing..right? ^^

here's the airtime details :

Drama : The Legend
No. of Episodes : 32 (this is being edited from the original 24 to fit in the time slot)
Beginning : Monday 30th June 2008
Channel : Astro Shuang Xin
AirTime : 10.30-11.30pm
Repeat : 1.30-2.30am

according to sources, there'll be some promos and contest running up to the screening.so do watch out and of course i'll keep everybody informed ^^

to those of you who have yet to subscribe to Astro Shuang Xin.. SUBSCRIBE NOW !

oh~ im so happy today. in fact, ive been really really happy for the past 3 days..hahaha..

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