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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

6 long bae-years...

there's one thing i forgot to post yday...

BMF's very first BYJ autograph.

when i first opened and saw what he wrote, it really surprised me.
touches me so much to think that he actually took the effort to write the greetings in malay language even it was just 2 words.

"Apa Khapar, Malaysian Family"

though it should hv been "khabar" and not "khapar", we are all deeply touched.
seriously you have to be there to know how delighted everyone was.

(apa khabar = how do you do?/how are you? = annyeong haseyo?)


after having celebrated the 5th anni last sunday, i began to ponder.

in fact while i was blogging about the gathering yday, my mind kept wandering backwards to those early bae-days.

5 years for BMF, 6 years for myself...
wow~ can u believe it? it has been 6 years~
sometimes i wonder how i managed to stay 6 years.
not to forget those who have been around since day 1. that certainly outdo my #6..
i really salute you~

6 long bae-years.
i never realised that i can still actually love him so much after so many years.
ppl used to tell me that...
"star idolisation wont last more than 2 years. u'll just get bored after some time. then u'll regret having waste so much time on someone who don't and wouldn't know you."

well, ive surpassed that 2 years and im still an absolute bae fan.

like i said, i didn't know that im still so charmed by him like i was back in 2002.
i only realised it last saturday when i wanted to prepare some clips for the games at the gathering.

i was searching thru and watching some of the old clips like his CFs, captures, interviews, dramas...when i found the Hotelier's dance scene of Frank and JY in diamond villa.
somehow that frank shin look just struck me.

then i went to look for WLS clips. man~ how i missed Joonsang.
and it was Joonsang, Joonsang was the one. it was his 'fault' and the rest was history.

that nite i ended up doing nothing of the clips. i was supposed to find, edit and show the clips for the games but i did non of that. instead i decided to simplify everything and just ask questions. all thanks to dear YJ for being such a distraction. hahaha...

yeah yeah...blame on the man who don't even know of my existance !

came sunday at the gathering when we were all watching dvds of him, again....i was star struck.
maybe its the effect of watching him on screen on TV. for a long time since after April Snow, ive only watch him thru the pc's monitor bcos i gave away my dvd player to mom.

i remembered when i was suddenly telling the ladies...
"oh~ darn~ why is he sooooo good looking?? he is really so good looking!"
then they were like.."huh? who? who?"
i said "aiya, YJ la of cos !"
then they replied "cheh, who dunno la!" hahahahaha..

i dunno if there'll be another 6 bae-years for me but i do know that even if one day i shall decide to call it quit, i will still cherished all those bae-days i had with the family.

to me, the past years were not just about BYJ.
it was to me a discovery of friendships, an eye-opener
i did not 'came' into the family wanting.
i 'grew' into the family accepting.

tigger and i were just 'talking' about how we missed the good old days.
yes, i admit i have been lucky. we and some of the 'oldies' have been lucky. some even luckier.
it was no doubt, the earlier days were much easier.

but that also means that our dear YJ is moving forward and upwards.
im sure u wouldn't want him to just stay stagnant and not move on.

so, never mind how many official and non-official fan clubs there'll be in the future, whether or not it is BYJ-recognised, it doesn't matter.

but, should your lucky day comes one day, don't forget to tell him your name !^^

as for myself, should lady luck drops by, i would be asking him...

"용준님, 저를 아세요?" ㅋㅋㅋ


so remember, it is only bcos of BYJ that we both know each other.


xiaoyi said...

Dear yokee, totally agree with you. Just enjoy the journey/process, whether we reach the destination, it doesn't really matter to me. If I really manage to meet him one day in person, that would be a bonus.
Cheers & Loves, xiaoyi

Anonymous said...

ya lah, know u absolutely BYJ lah.
so continue to 12 years lah. haha.

phoebe said...

that's sooo true. hope we all get to meet him one day.