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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

mind your 'food' !

before u take the next meal, lets see if u are getting them right ^^
click on the pic to get a bigger view pls..thank u..

u'll never guess where i found tis info..

got it from Wu Chun's blog. he's the actor in the Taiwan's version of the Japanese anime 'Hana Kimi'. he starred opposite SHE's Ella. he's a Brunei-an chinese.
not gonna post his pic here la if u wanna know who he is u click on his blog la :p

oh dear i really cant believe that i actually watched tis kind of series. i mean i kinda consider them kid's show or rather show for the teens. chance upon it while my teen cousins were watching n then i saw tis guy. so i went on to watch it just bcos of him. and once in a while i'll go check on his blog.

aiyo he's cute la. think it has been sometime that i see a good looking chinese chap lor
cant blame me ma since ive been so hooked on those koreans 꽃미남 (kkot minam=flower boys) haha..

aiyo...gotta go work la. tata /

1 comment:

jaime said...

hi yokee,

thank you so much for providing the nutrition for our eyes (w/ that cute taiwan actor's blog) and for our body. Now, will I look half as youthful and beautiful as him if I diligently follow that long list of healthy food?

hehe, I have printed them out and pasted them on the fridge to remind myself. thanks and be healthy! :)