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Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 38th Birthday YJ !

it has been quite a while since the last i blog..

anyway, the malaysian family had a wonderful gathering yet again last saturday celebrating our dear YJ's 38th birthday ^^

the family seldom..or should i say never had a dinner gathering before but because this is a fasting month for the muslims, we decided to make this a first. first dinner for us, first buka puasa 'for' YJ.

we decided on this particular thai restaurant suggested by a malay sister and reservation we made a month ahead. came saturday and we were told they have missed our booking and we ended up with no table to seat all 13 of us. after some negotiation we settled for 2 tables arranged outdoor. while waiting for the set up, some sisters spotted some YJ's souvenir in the korean store next to the restaurant. (sorry i forgot the name of the shop :p)

so almost all of us went in to the shop to check out the goodies and found that they were selling quite a bit of stars' souvenirs...mugs, stickers, folders, posters etc.. besides the usual korean household stuff which i would say the shop has quite an interesting variety. maybe i would visit again the next time i'm in that part of the town.

the sisters bought the mug and folders but didn't buy the poster as it was too expensive...haha

there was only one mug available then so we gave the lady our number and asked her to inform us the next time they have any new stock..anything on BYJ !

after spending i think about more than half an hour in the shop, we finally got our tables ready.
since it was time to break fast, there were a lot of people and the restaurant were all packed.

it was a hot day that day so we were all already sweating and because of the mistake the restaurant made, we were quite upset too hmm...

but..but...but....when i open the box of cake.... oh wow~~
everyone soon forgot about the mistake and started to click away with their cameras...and the rest is history....

oh the cake, yeah jennyC was the one who ordered the 2kg cake with him 'on' it.

so we got our food ordered and demanded them to serve us hungry ajummas FAST !
we were all so thirsty but they only brought us 2 glasses of water...sigh. ended up some of us had to do self-service, getting our own jugs of water, plates, utensils etc.. haha we treated the place like our own home !

at last the food came, we ate. food was not bad or maybe we were all too hungry hahaha..
soon it was cutting cake time. i was told not to cut 'his neck' but how are we supposed to eat the cake without cutting 'him'? anyhow in the end we cut him all up and some sisters brought home his eyes, nose, lips, ear and i think hair...i dunno well because i wasn't the one who cut him hahahaha..

after the food and cake, the restaurant treated us to some ice-cream as apologies haha...

i had a lot of fun laughing and talking, i think i talked so much..oh @@~

so, like i said i had a lot of fun, as always and i hope everyone who came too had as much fun as i did, or better still more :)

i know not only the malaysian family was celebrating his birthday but i am sure most families out there was doing the same too last weekend.

key question, how about the birthday boy himself??

YJ, no matter who and where each and everyone of us are, we wish you great happiness and health always !

on behalf of BYJ's Malaysia Family, Happy Birthday To You, Yong Joon ! We Love YOU !!!

ps : my gratitude and thanks to all of you sisters who came and my apologies for the reservation blunder. for more pics & comments of the gathering, pls visit our family facebook here

pps : our little adventure into the korean shop next door were blog by the owner on her korean naver's blog and has been translated by Suehan nim here in her blog. the one malaysian aunty who is a crazy BYJ fan she mentioned must be Lyana. the 'I Love Korea' card is actually KTO's (Korea Tourism Organisation) Saranghaeyo Korea Club membership card. the grandmother was Kak Aidah. the lady who must be really surprised to see that YJ actually has a family here. maybe i should contact her again and ask her to get her shop involved with KTO so that more people will know of her shop and we can all get good discount next time haha..

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