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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

YJ + The FaceShop

i was surprised when i read the news yday that YJ signed with Faceshop.
i mean...BYJ and The Faceshop? hmm...

i had wonder longtime ago why hasnt he do any commercial for those skincare/beauty products. i mean..its kinda norm in korea for famous actors/actresses to promote these stuff.
then on 2nd thought, maybe its just not 'his style'. and now he's signed with Faceshop.
well, there's always a reason why he do certain things..hehe...
i have nothing against Faceshop though and i havent use any of their products so i cant really comment. but i must say KSW did a great job for them.

im hoping to see some 'new images' of him with Faceshop. they should do something 'new' in conjunction with their 5th anni. instead of those..u know..flowers, greens, blurred images..those normal images associated with beauty CFs..:p

anyway, read that yj's contract is only a year old and that ksw's 'korean contract' ended in June but those overseas' deals still last till next March. so while the koreans can start to 'savour' our dear YJ coming November, others may have to wait till later to know if his deal covers those of the overseas market as well.

and btw, the pretty lady of Faceshop is Lee BoYoung. she's the one in Mr. Goodbye (Ahn JaeWook), Save the Last Dance for Me (Ji Sung), Seo DongYo (Cho HyunJae) etc.

IMHO i think YJ had very good on screen chemistry (for CFs) with both Lee YoungAe and Kim Hanul. so lets see how this new pair work out.

good luck YJ !!

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