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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Monday, August 04, 2008

lament of the day..


just when you thought things are really gonna change for the better.....

nahhhh...it's just another false alarm, AGAIN.

and seems like its even getting WORSE !

sigh~ i really need a break~~


and this has absolutely nothing to do with BYJ :p


bb said...

you okie? take care hor....

yokee 요키 said...

yeah no prob..
like i said..just lamenting to get some of those fire out.

oh btw..im also a fire-water person hehe..took the 'test' quite sometime back when satovic first talked about ayurveda

thanks !