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Thursday, March 06, 2008

my orange man...again..

i really really like this article.
i was practically smilling away while reading this ^^

so i just gotta shovel from bb's blog..hehe...
thanks bb and sweet sister !

original in japanese: Kim Yeon Woon / E-Daily SPN 2008/03/04
translated into english: a sweet sister / bb's blog

Yang Geun Hwan, BOF Director
Just as Popular as BYJ

Yang Geun Hwan, BOF Director, is a celebrity among BYJ fans.

Working as manager for BYJ for eight years, he has shared in his joys and sorrows because he is a person that knows better than anyone every move that BYJ makes.

This is why Director Yang is often asked for his autograph by BYJ fans in both Korea and Japan. It is not just hallyu star BYJ that is asked to sign his autograph, many times director Yang is asked for his autograph.

In an interview with E-Daily SPN, director Yang said, “There are also fans who want to take photos with me or they ask for my autograph”, but he stressed, “But this is because of the fans’ interest in the actor BYJ whom I manage, and it is not due to the fact that I am conspicuous to the fans.”

Director Yang added, “When BYJ is unable to participate in an event, I will sometimes attend in his place to represent BOF, and despite this, the fans are very happy” or “There are some fans that even know my birthday and celebrate it which is a bit embarrassing but makes me happy.”

But director Yang said, “In truth, a manager that creates his own popularity which is equal to that of a star is illogical” and he stressed that “It is important to remember that the fans want to derive some satisfaction through the manager who is a substitute for the star they like.”

** helen ar !! look what he's talking about !!! kakakaka**

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Helen said...


you used ORANGE to highlight what he said ar! Our orange guy~

why do I feel that he is talking about ME? Or are there many fans who acted the same way as me?

Oppa! Saranghaeyo!