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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


had CNY dinner with some bae ladies yday nite.

as usual it was all laughter, laughter and more laughter.

guess the 'wind' that went inside made us full instead of the food..hehe..

i did bring a camera with me but forgot all about it until i was already on the way home so no pics la.

i was popped the question as to why my bloggy is still featuring MY orange man after so long.

well..he's just as nice to look at as our dear YJ.

another reason will be due to a FOUR letter word "L.A.Z.Y'

so i thought today i just babble a little. furthermore tomoro's some special day (tho i hv absolutely nothing to do with it..but i did get myself something cheap..hehe) i thought i'll just push my orange man a little la..

but seriously...lately ive been almost 'away' and very 'under-dosed' with anything BYJ.

is this good or bad???

another thing...im curious if he's as curious of us as we are of him...hmmm...



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bb said...

welcome back!

and... happie baelentine's day!