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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

its all just normal...

i wrote this at work today...


wow !~ it has been so long since i last babbled..
have i ever admitted that im actually a very lazy person?
or it is bcos ive lost interest in blogging?
hmm... im not quite sure of the latter but im pretty positive of the first reason hahahaha...

anyway im actually penning tis.
yes...i do mean using a pen to write instead of typing on a pc.
why? bcos ive just got a sudden urge to babble and i know if i wait till i get home before i could blog i'll eventually forget evthing !

so..anyway anyway....
nothing much seem to hv happened lately and yet at the same time there seemes to be quite a number of news.
at one point evone was wondering why it has been so quiet all round and why our dear YJ has yet to start work after fliming was halted for such a long time.

then the next thing u know...TWSSG news is everywhere.
im not gonna talk about those news as it should be a 'settled' case esp after PD Kim's public apology and i salute him fot that. aye aye sir !

all these...kinda got the family 'worked up' a little bit esp when the 'older sisters' started to post their thoughts and support in KOB. u know...i used to love writing there a lot but things werent quite the same as it was but when i saw the few familiar names few days ago i decided to jump on the wagon as well (nosy hor? :p)
even Boardman nim appeared 2 days ago and many sisters were really happy to 'see' her (read here about boardman nim)

if u ask me if i was worried about him when the TWSSG 'problem' arises..think i will say "not really". i was confused and irritated when i saw so many korean reports/news about it bcos i cant read and understand them all ! (see that shows how bad my korean has become..) but i wasnt really worried about the man himself. do i sound as though ive lost interest in him? hahaha...no la..
maybe it's bcos ive been part of the family fo quite some time now that ive gotten used to all these.

tell u...i used to be very worried whenever there's 'not so good' news about him that i even make personal calls to korean sisters just to ask about him. but after some time as i get to 'know' more and more of him i realised that these are all part and parcel of the 'game'.

im sure he was upset over the recent 'hoohaa' but being who he is..BYJ...he's way too smart to hv 'unnecessary emotions' get in his way and im sure he knows he'll get all the support he wants from his family.

if u hv read mishio's blog about sightings of him (and my orange man ^^) in shorts recently at gorilla, it shows he's not letting any of this affect him. and good news is he'll be back at workk soon too ^^

so....whats my point with all these babble???
i dunno...maybe i just wanna let know that he'll still and always be my #1 no matter how many banchans i may hv...hehehehe..(and he will be the ONLY ONE that i'll ever go this far!)

apart from all these there's also one thing i would like to say esp to all the 'older sisters'.....
i really really miss the good old times !
like how we miss seeing YJ appearing in all those CFs when he was still endorsing a few brandnames, i miss those happy times when we used to go 'oo ahh' about him and spend time doing BYJ related stuff....

up to this point...believe it or not...i think i miss the sisters more than i miss BYJ....huk huk huk.....

aiyo..wait ! where am i getting to now??
ok ok i'll stop babbling for now. im already running out of paper :p

so whatever it is and until the day we hear from the man himself (or from me) again....hahahahaha

태왕사신기 대박 !!!!!!!!!!!


bwahahahahahahahahahaha !!!
now i dunno what has gotten into me today but that really what i wrote on a piece of paper today!
and i really meant it all esp the part about missing the sisters.....

ok la...i actually got smitten with another taiwanese actor lately so im gonna go continue the drama series. and u know...this guy is yet another fella borned in the year 1982 ! gosh ! why am i getting smitten with all these guys born in that year????


vegas said...

hey yokee!

it's been a while - so happy to see your post today. missed ya!

although i've not been a member of the Bae family for very long, i've noticed how the older sisters have come out in support of YJ and how there's a sentiment of longing for the "good ol' days".

take it easy and glad to see you!!

yokee said...

hi vegas...

thanks so much for dropping by ^^
yeah i really wish we could somehow all get together somewhere someday soon....

u too take care !

vegasbyj said...

We will one day soon - that will be a riot - I can see it now. We will have so much fun when we do meet.

Hope you are keeping well!

Take care!!